Episode 25 – Painting and Flooring Updates

Some more good news in this episode! Check out the painting and flooring done at our warehouse!

Painting Update

The painters have started. A couple of weeks ago, he came to give us a new quote. Because he gave us a quote at the end of last year just to paint the ceilings upstairs and all the walls and ceilings downstairs. But now the whole thing’s been changed. We’re not even going to worry about the upstairs for the moment. Just got to get in here now.

So he came out a couple of weeks ago, had a look around and said, “Yeah, yeah, no worries.” But then he came this morning and the guy that came out was like, “Oh, there’s got to be a lot more ceiling and sanding and stuff.” But because it’s a brand new ceiling, he’s put another 800 bucks on it or something. And we were like, “Yeah, whatever.” We’re lucky to get trades at the moment. They do a really good job anyway, so that’s all we’re after.


He has already painted the door here. He’s done a couple of coats on the ceiling because he had to do a primer first on here. This is Quinn, Ben’s mate, he’s doing all the ceiling up there. This wall was quite dodgy the whole way around. So the ceiling fixer really struggled, but he’s done a great job.

And our feature brick wall. How good does that look, guys? The brick wall popped out even more with the white walls around it. Thanks again, Brendo. So it’s slowly turning it into ours, getting rid of the Harry’s towel rack sign to leave it alone.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Kitchen is looking great. No painting there because that’s where the cupboards are going, so he has done a great job on that. The breakfast bar’s going to sit there. So this is just a primer. It’s not going to be huge difference on the colour anyway. The back here, the laundry sink things go in there. And the bathroom is also all looking good. We’ve got to patch this hole up here that we forgot about, so we’ll get that done. And there’s another one over at the laundry side as well.

We’ve called the Vic Park Flooring guys. They said they could come for the weekend, but we canceled it because we thought the painter wouldn’t be finished. But he reckons he might be done in time. So if we get this flooring down this weekend, the lights can come in. Our electrician Pete said he’d never too much to do. Then we could get it all sorted and move in, so that’d be good. Try to take the pressure off a bit because it’s costing a lot more money than we thought, but it’s going to be really nice when it’s finished. That’s the main thing.

Flooring Update

The vinyl layer has started. The flooring we got was just vinyl planks, the black butt colour, and it looks pretty good. And when Sean, the vinyl layer, came, he was saying, “It should be a matte in this front area here, so you don’t wear it out.” But then when he started cutting it, he goes, “Yeah, it’s pretty hard to cut.” And so it’s pretty good stuff he reckon.

We just got it from the Vic Park Flooring. They’ve got a new showroom that they’ve opened up. It’s just on the corner of Leach Highway and Welshpool Road. So Hetish came out and had a look at it for us. He’s a lovely guy, great business owner and very passionate about flooring. And the guys he’s got working, Sean, he is the layer that he sent out, he could do it really quickly for us so that was great.

It’s actually a product done by Dunlop. So this is it here, the vinyl plank Dunlop and it’s cut. It’s pretty stiff and that. And we show you the painting, it’s about done there. That’s the kitchen. So we’re pretty happy with that. Look at where it hits the wall here, it looks really good. And the back they’ve painted up here as well. So he levelled this off here and that’s all ready to go. So it’s looking all great. And he’s sort of filled in that hole down the bottom there and that’s slowly drying, so that’s where the door’s going to go in eventually.

Roof Leak

We’re still having issues with the roof leak. We spent some time up there trying to sort out. We did find a screw that was slightly out, but it’s still happening. We’ve got most of it done, but it has been quite frustrating. One of the screws that was up was a good six meters aparty. So it’s dripping just up here somewhere. That’s where it was sort of dripping, on that joint there. And the screw that was up was like well over here, above the roller door.

So that’s how far it was traveling down and then leaking out the bottom there. But we’ve still got a couple joints we’ve got a seal as well just to try and eliminate it because it’s getting frustrating. But we see the new designer roofing, when they have an overlap, they’ve got a bit of a V or something. So it gives it an air break there, so that the water can’t be siphoned up. That’s what was happening.

Next Up

So anyway, Sean reckons he’ll be done by the end of today, so we might come back later and have a look at it when it’s all finished. We’re moving ahead now, so we’ve just got to get the electrician back. We’re still waiting for the windows to get done, but they messaged us and said the frames have been done, but they’re still waiting for the glass, so we don’t know how long that takes. And then now we can start putting toilets and get it working. Now we’ve got our camping toilet up in the back there that we’ve been using for the tradies and stuff like that. So anyway, good times. It’s looking good. So looking forward to moving in.