Episode 27 – Foyer and Lights

Check out some more exciting progress at the warehouse in this episode with the foyer and lights!

This morning, we’re here, back at the warehouse. The NBN guy has come and he has hooked up to the box. So this is the phone line apparently, and that goes to this NBN box here. Eventually, there’s got to be a wire that runs from that, out the back to the glass box, so that’s what we’re doing.

Peter, the sparky, is here today with his dad, putting some lights in and stuff. We offered him a beanbag but we didn’t have one. He would’ve used it otherwise rather than sitting on the floor. Pete’s putting the power point in. Paint is all done, so it looks all good. We put the fan in the bathroom. He’s got that going on. Another down light here for the bathroom. So we’ve got these ones going as well. We should have them up by the end of the day.

Here’s the disabled bathroom. There was a beam in the way of the fan, so we’ve just got to cut that out. So we’re going to concentrate today putting that hot water system on the wall so he can hook that up and then hopefully start getting the disabled basin in there. Disabled toilet as well. So just moving on, trying to get as much done as possible so we can stop using that portable toilet out the back there. So that’s where we’re up too. We just keep going and keep chunk along. So hopefully by the end of the day we might have some down lights going so it’d be good to see what it actually turns out looking like.

Foyer and Lights

Ben, the glass guy, has come and he has put the foyer bit in, so we’ll show you that. There’s no glass in the doors yet at the moment. We’ll just turn these lights on. Now we’ve got lights and the power’s connected, we’ve got to get used to turning lights on. This window here will be a slider and to let a little bit of fresh air in or whatever, or just to talk to people. And then down here will be a fixed panel so you can have a desk against it because we wanted to make sure that the office staff can have a nice view. Yeah, okay, the view’s not great but at least they can look outside. They’re not looking over this way at a wall or something like that.

You can see the door as well. It’s got the Auslock on it, through there and yeah, a smaller panel. So yeah, it’s all starting to look legit now, especially with the little exit sign there. So I’ll just step through. So the door lock will need a code to come into the office. It’s also got a fingerprint thing as well. So yeah, got to figure out how all that works. The glass has to be cut now and so that’s coming in the next few days.

The Double Glazing

We’ve got ARCO here, the double glazing guys. So they’ve got the doors. They’re going to be put in here today. It’s actually a plastic frame, so PVC frame. So a lot in Europe and stuff. When Ben lived in Europe in 2001 or whatever, they had a lot of this stuff and yeah, it’s really, really great quality. That will become the window now and this will become the door and a small window. So yeah, these two are getting replaced today. Also, the one up there is getting changed over as well.

The reason we went double glazing, it wasn’t heaps more expensive, but the guys over here, they make all the Perth waste bins and often they’re turning the bins over and stuff like that so it’s banging a bit and so there is a bit of noise sometimes when they’re working. And we thought, oh, for the extra money, and some of the windows are only about $500 extra so it wasn’t too bad. So that’s so good. Something that you can’t do later on sort of thing, so we thought we’d spend the extra money now and make it a bit nicer.

Kitchen and Warehouse Area

Just leaving that window there. This here will become a window now just to let a bit of light into this area from the skylights, because eventually we’ll replace those sheets there too, because they’ve had it as well. Also, there’ll be another window here that we’re going to put in and we’re going to have an opening, this window here. So at the bench too, we can open that if we want as well. So that’s what my mate Ollie’s doing today. He’s from England originally. So he did a lot of this stuff over there.

We can get a massive van in a warehouse like this. So we’ve got to take that board out now for the last time. It’s been sitting there for quite a few months protecting, so no one can get in or whatever. So it’s good. We’ll be able to take that out so it can look a bit nicer.