Why is it Important to Give Back? You Need to Know This

Is Australia the land of opportunity?

Ben the Plumber thinks it is.  That’s why it’s important to give back to community.

Why is it important to give back?

“My dad came to Australia from Holland when he was 10 years old, learnt the language, learnt how to surf, and loved going camping. He owned and operated his own small plumbing business. I left school when I was 15 and am now running my own small plumbing business. So I do think that we are blessed to live in this country and it is a land of opportunity and that why it is important if you can to give back to the community.”

We heard on the news one day that the government was cutting its foreign aid budget. Now you could rage out on Twitter and Facebook, or write letters to your local member to let them know how upset you are.

Or, we can let you in on a little secret.

Do you know you can give as much of your own money away to whoever you want and the Australian government can’t do much about it? They might even give you a tax deduction.

So, check out this link at some of the charities that Beautiful Plumbing supports.

Our lawyer said we need to tell you that the advice given on this video is general advice only. So, if you’re thinking of taking any of this stuff on board, you need to check with your financial advisor. In other words, you need to get a professional like an accountant, not a plumber.

Unless you need some plumbing advice, that’s a different story. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.