Would You Like to Do A Home Renovation? See What We Did

Would you like to do a home renovation?

Check out this video where we show you one home renovation we’ve done!


As you can see in the video, the client had an old laundry that they’ve got in the passageway. We’re going to turn this into a scullery, like a butler’s kitchen. Then the laundry’s right at the back. There was like a little study nook, and they want to put the laundry trough there. Then the washing machine will just sit next to it. So we’ve got to get a floor waste through the floor and then everything would be connected up outside.


In the video we marked out roughly where everything’s going so you can see how it all works, where the trough cabinet would be as well as the tap. What we hopefully want to do is drill a large hole all the way through the concrete. Then another hole just enough for the floor waste, so we can work through the big hole and get that floor waste in position. That’ll sit underneath the washing machine. Then we can put the waste pipe out that big hole. We’ll have to core drill through the footings and then get out to the outdoor area. So we can hook it all up.

We got the big 350 mil hole. Then you can see the old floor waste pipe. The concrete cutter stuck the core drill and look at the measurement, so that was drilled straight out. It’s dead center, so now we’ve got to just try to get the 50 mil pipe up there, connect it, and then have another 50 mil waste to come up so when the trough gets installed that can be hook onto there. We’ve got the water outlet as well.

You get to see the core drill that was cut out and the wood on the top. It worked out pretty well. We’ll put the floor waste grate in later on and seal that to the floor. Waste pipe goes out through the concrete. You can see it comes out the wall. We’re going to hook that onto that DG over there.


You can see the coffee machine and the sink. They’ve also got this under the cupboard LED lights so they can do all the work here. They’ve still got the other kitchen with a new sink, so this is really good.

When we came the first time, the owner asked if we wanted a coffee, we were hesitant, but then we saw the coffee machine so we agreed for the coffee. It was amazing. So if they’ve got one of those, you should definitely have one.

You can see the laundry at the back with the floor waste was underneath that floor there. With the nice beautiful black tap, and the trough, and everything. Most people said it couldn’t be done but it was sorted beautifully.

If you would like to do a home renovation, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.