Hot Water System Explosion: You See What Happened

What happened when there is a hot water system explosion?

Sometimes when there is a problem, for example, a hot water system explosion, you just want to get the water back on. It’s very tempting to just call the plumbers and ask for another one installed.

You’ll get a good deal and good price, but what you need most is the advise from tradesmen who have got years of experiences.

There might be better hot water systems out there or better location to put it. Even if they charge a call-out fee, just pay it, because in the end, it gotta be a better option to solve your issue.

Watch this video where we will show you what we are talking about.

It Exploded

We got a call at night about a hot water system explosion and it started flooding the room. They converted old garage into a lounge with carpets on.

In the video, you can see the hot water system that had exploded. The plug on top of it where the anode sat had been rusted, so when it exploded it shot up the walls and the ceilings. It leaked and flooded the room, which wasn’t too bad because it was a garage.

Often when you call a plumber, they will ask you what type of hot water system it is. This one was an electric 80, and it’s easy to just ask them to stick another one in there. But it’s good to get the plumbers out first to see what happened because they might come up with a better option.

Now, for this case, the better option we suggested was to install the new hot water system outside. The current location was not ideal. The relief valve was meant to be pulled every couple of months. The water would just splash onto the concrete floor and there was no drain or anything around. So it wasn’t up to code anymore.

So if we move it outside, we can put up some brackets in the garage area, install the hot water system up the walls, and rerun the pipes. There was a drain where the water from the relief valve could go into. It’ll all be up the code again and it’s a much better option because they will have the corner back where the old hot water system was, so they would have that extra space to put a cupboard or something like that.

Keep watching till the end where we show you the result.

End Result

We moved the hot water system outside up the walls in the corner of the garage. It was out of the way so the car could still be parked there as normal. We reran the pipes and made sure the valves were over the drain. The relief valve was also easy to access. So when they need to pull it every couple of months, which is an important thing to do, it would release the water straight into the drain. And if it ever leaks or floods again in the future, it wouldn’t damage anything. It is also easy to service.

We were glad we came out and gave a good advise that brought more benefits to our client.

If you any help with your plumbing and gas and need a good advise, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.