Leaking Valve? How to Know What to Do

Does your hot water system have a leaking valve?

Should you worry about this? In this video, we’ll go through the reasons what causes this leaking valve.

When is it normal for the hot water system to have a leaking valve (pressure relief)?

When do pressure relief valves on hot water systems need a replacement?

Watch the video below to find out the answers!

Do you have a valve on your solar or storage hot water system that is leaking?

It is meant to leak, but not all the time.

If you own a solar or gas or electric storage hot water system, it’s important that you are aware of the valves and the maintenance that they required.

Now, on a storage HWS, you have three safety devices.

  • Thermostat
  • Cold temperature Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
  • Hot temperature (PRV)

If all three of these:

  • fail, or;
  • a valve has been installed wrong, or;
  • capped off because it was leaking

then you have a bomb strapped to the side of your house.

These have exploded in Australia on several occasions and Myth Busters even did an experiment on this very issue with devastating results.

Now when your storage HWS tank is heating up, the water inside becomes less dense and expands. The excess pressure escapes out the cold relief first because this is set to a lower pressure. This is very normal and means that it is working fine.

But if you have not been using hot water for several hours and it is continually leaking, this is a sign that the valve is faulty and needs to be replaced by a plumber.

The hot temperature PRV shouldn’t leak as it’s there just as a back up. If it is leaking, it means that there’s something wrong with the cold relief or it’s faulty and needs to a replacement.

Like us, these valves need exercise.

So it’s a good idea that every couple of months to give these valves a blast out to wash out any calcium build-up.

Some have a lever and some have a dial that you need to turn to give them a blast.

Now if you pull the hot temperature PRV and no water comes out, then the relief pipe is blocked, or there has been a build-up inside the tank around the valve and excess pressure will not be able to escape.

You need to understand that now one of the three safety devices is out of action and you are only relying on the other two.

So please, it’s very important to call your local plumber and replace it as soon as possible.

If above isn’t the answer, this could be another reason behind your valve leak.

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