Would You Like to Install Bidet? Make Sure You Check This Out

Are you thinking of installing a bidet?

Check out this video where we installed a new bidet for one of our customers.

This video is all about bidets and those douche washers, or butt washers, that you can connect up to your taps and stuff. Now, a lot of times, we get calls saying, “Look, I want one of those bum washers put in my house. Can you come and put it in? I’ve already bought it off Amazon or eBay,” or something like that. Most of the time, they have been to Thailand or Japan, where they have used these things and they are totally amazing. We have never used them personally, but apparently that’s what we hear, they are pretty cool.

But the thing is, in Australia, if you want to have that, there is a risk of cross-contamination. So that butt washer could end up in the toilet, and if there is a break in the street, it could suck the water back into the main, and that’s what they don’t want to happen. Same with bidets. If you’re hooking up a bidet or a washer, you need to put this big valve in.

Reduced Pressure Zone Device

Now, over in America, they’ve got this check valve that you can put in and the owner said, “What’s the chance of one of those check valves that you have in America, that the water sucking back?” There’s probably not much of a chance of it happening, but you know what the government is like, safety first. It doesn’t matter about the cost, especially when the taxpayers are paying.

So anyway, in Australia we have to put this RPZ, which is a reduced pressure zone device. So this has to be installed outside somewhere so if there is backflow, it comes out the vent here. Through this, there is no chance of it ever sucking back. But if you’ve got a bidet or one of those bum washers, you have to have one of these installed.

This place has got two toilets, they want them on both of them, on two of these seat bidets. They did have a hot water system down here. You can see the old hot water system was set up here. So we were thinking, we’ve got the cold water we can hook onto and then go up in the roof, but you can have a look there, there’s a bunch of solar panels up there, so we would have to get to the pipes and everything, so quite difficult.

The other toilet is here, so we were thinking maybe we will stick the valve here somewhere on the wall, and we’ll run the supply and return up into the roof and then hook onto the toilets in there. Now inside the toilets we’re going to put some of those dual taps on, so one tap will go to the system, and the other one will go to the bum washer, or the bidet, so it will be all sweet. That’s what we’re going to do in the morning. We’ll show you as we go along the day. So a bit of roof work, so that’s why we’re starting early, to get it all sorted.


All right guys, we are done. We’ve got the reduced pressure zone device in. We’ve tapped it up in the roof upstairs into the cold main. So this is the cold main, it comes down, got the isolation valve. We’ve put barrell unions on there with a filter, and then it goes in through there. This is so you can take it apart, take it away. And this is the other side, you can shut it off. So from then on it goes off and it goes to each one of the toilets, because they’ve got the bidets, and on each one of the toilets we’ve put one of those double griffos on there, so one main and one tap, can go to the system, the other one goes to the bidet. So if the bidet’s ever leaking, they can shut it off. Or if the system’s ever leaking, they can shut it off independently, before they give you a tee and all the rest of the stuff.

So it’s all safe now, there’s no way of it siphoning back in or anything like that. So both the toilets are done. We put a new bidet on the back one and hooked all that up. The one at the back was Kogan or something like that. Quite a good brand, because the plug had one of those safety switches on them and everything like that, so worked pretty well. Not that we’ve tested it. Still yet to try them. It’s a bit inappropriate to be the first one to try someone’s new bidet that you put in. So we won’t be doing that. But they love it.


So if you’ve got a bidet, or you are thinking about putting a bidet in, you got to have one of these things. Part of the rules, safety first, and the cost doesn’t matter when the taxpayers are paying for it. That’s what it is with the government. So if you are in Perth and you want one of these put in, call your local plumber, or if you are around our area, give us a call and we might be able to come and help you out.