Interlock System: How to Have An Indoor Barbecue Safely

Do you want to put a barbecue in an enclosed or semi-enclosed space? You will need to have an interlock system.

Why? There’s strict regulations around that. Basically you can’t do it because you’ll end up getting carbon monoxide poisoning, unless you put an interlock system in. What is it? Check out the video below, or keep reading.

As you can see in the video, the job we did was at this amazing room that can be fully enclosed. The only way they could have a barbecue in there was if they put in a rangehood with an interlock system.

How It Works

To have an indoor barbecue, you need to have the rangehood that will suck all the fumes out of the room while the barbecue is working. But the thing is, what if someone forgets to turn it on? You’ll get a headache with all the fumes, or even worse, a carbon monoxide poisoning if it keeps going on.

That’s why you have an interlock system . It won’t let any gas into the barbecue, unless that rangehood is on. You’ll see in the video that the barbecue is already hooked up to gas and the isolation valve as well as the rangehood. We show you the interlock solenoid as well as the gas regulator. The solenoid is connected by the electrician on a wire which goes up into the roof space. It has a box that measures the current draw or whatever that’s going.

So if there’s a current draw going into the rangehood, the solenoid opens up so the gas can come through. But you would need to get an electrician to adjust it so that if it’s only the light that turns on but not the fan, then the barbecue can’t turn on. In the video we demonstrate how it works. When we turned on the light, but not the fan on the rangehood, when we tried to light the burner, nothing happens. But as soon as we turned the fan on, you could hear the solenoid click on. So when the fan was on, the solenoid opened up, and then when we turned on the barbecue, the gas fired up and the burners turned on. And as soon as we turned the fan off on the rangehood, it automatically shut off the gas too.

So that’s how the interlock system works on the rangehood. It will keep it safe for you to have a beautiful enclosed room like this as well as an indoor barbecue.

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