Kings MT1 Improvements You Need to See

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Check out another modifications we did on this Kings MT1.

Got another Adventure Kings in today. Just going to sort a couple things out. This guy isn’t sure if he’s going to like this camping mode so much. It’s not a caravan with aircon and a diesel heater and a shower, and all the rest of the stuff, so he didn’t want to spend too much money on it.

Sink and Hotplates

So the main thing he wanted done was a Dometic sink cut in and also a Dometic hot plate put in with the copper and everything done, so that it was a quick release to be hooked onto it. But he was going to hold off on getting bayonets done or anything like that because at the moment he just wanted to test it out before he spent more money on setting it up to be a real toolless connection.


Also, he wants to put a Joolca hot water system connected. So there’s a little fitting on the front there, like a Nitto fitting, that you can plug in for the water. He wanted some way of having a double connection on that. We’ll now give you the rundown quickly of what we did.

You can see after we open it up and pull the fridge slide out, there’s already a hole here for the Dometic sink, so we just have to cut it a bit bigger. It’s stainless steel, so difficult to cut. Got to make sure your holes are right. Same with the Dometic hot plate. The template that they give you on a bit of paper, it’s not a nice one you can draw on. You have to work it out for yourself. But they don’t leave you much room, it’s only 5mm meat. But you can leave a lot more on the edges. We’ve done lots of these so we leave a lot more meat, especially on these corners here for it to sit on.

Now, underneath here we’ve done the copper connection. You can’t have flexis on these ones. You got to have a test nipple under there as well. So we take out the drawer so that test nipple can be accessible. That’s good for testing the gas of the burner pressure and all that sort of stuff. And then down this side here, you can see, we’ve done a quick release fitting.

Gas Regulator

Normally we chuck a couple of bayonets in, you can just hook them straight up. But he didn’t want to spend the money, which is cool. So all we’ve done is just got this gas regulator with the new fitting on it. That can screw straight onto his bottle. So he can only use one appliance at a time, which is fine. He’s going to give it a crack anyway.

So you can put that on, turn the bottle on, obviously, no gas is going to come out. That just clips straight on here now, onto the quick release fitting. So again, if he wants to pull over for a cup of tea or do some eggs or something, very easy now. Turn it on, couple of sparks and then see, just got to empty the air out of the hose and then she’s all working. So that’s all good and working.

To unhook it again, just in reverse, unhook it like that and it comes off. Now, the good thing about it with the Joolca water system that he’s got, that usually comes with their own quick release fitting. Now we’ve taken that off and put on the one that matches this. So now he can use this, he can hang this up and that can go straight on. So he is not stuffing around with two hoses now. He can just clip that straight on there and he can start using the Joolca, if he hangs it on a tree or something like that.

Good Solution Without Bayonets

Now if he wants to bring the Joolca down to the creek or something and have a really long shower out there, we’ve just put another quick release fitting on here. This is what comes with the Joolca now. So we put the quick release fitting on that, so then he can bring that down to the creek.

If he wants to run a barbecue off this, that quick release fitting, we can put on a barbecue or anything like that. So he can start using that straight off his bottle. Good solution for him as he tries it out.

Double Griffo Tap

Another thing, on this Nitto fitting down here, he wanted a double tap. So simplest way to do it, you can do this yourself too, it’s just go down to Reece and grab one of these double Griffos. You need one with a female. And this is a fitting that it came with. So all that has to be is a 6mm by 15mm reducing nipple, as they call it. The number for the reducing nipple is a 208 525. That’s from Reece.

The tap, if you want that, is just the double Griffo, they call it. Get the female one. And the number for that one, just ask for a 213 1532 and just put it all together like that. That means that when you shove it into the Nitto fitting here, then you should have water coming out. So obviously, you can wash your feet and you can hook your Joolca on there and get it all done.

Another Fix

Another thing that we did, but we did another video ’cause there’s a bit of stuffing around. So the owner complained that when the kitchen was pulled out it would pop off or something. You can see now, I’ll just get Josh to pull it out a little bit and it just goes like that. And then you’ll pull and it would catch on this thing here and then it just goes. See and it just pops off, right? That fitting shouldn’t just pop off.

So we ended up doing a bit of magic with this John Guest pipe, curled it up and it’s worked out really good. But we’ve got an in-depth video where we show you how to do that yourselves.

Hopefully the owner will be back and likes this sort of camping and get the bayonets done.

So if you live in Perth and you need a hand with any of this stuff, feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help.