Episode 30 – Kitchen Cupboards In!

Check out this episode with some exciting progress with the kitchen cupboards!

Look who’s back. It’s Park Avenue Cabinets. You should try and get them if you can afford it. They’re not that expensive, anyway. But yeah, they’re in there stuffing around, putting all the kitchen cupboards together. Rocking it this morning. This is the pantry cupboard. I think this one’s for the microwave and coffee machine. Millimetre-perfect all the time.

So Pete the electricians come over. He’s just checking out his handiwork. Look at these downlights on Brendo’s wall. Alfindy’s settling in. It’s good we got lots of tradies around. We’re not too lonely. We also showed off about the window to Pete. He was impressed. And we have cupboards for marketing materials and stuff, and for the printer.

Kitchen Cupboards

We’ve got the kitchen cupboards in there all ready for the microwave and stuff. We’ve just put this aluminum right angle in too. We’ve got this bench from Bunnings. It’s a wood top, all these little pieces, but then the edge of it, they left the natural wood. The boys are going to get the other cupboards, because they didn’t have enough room for the overheads to come on board today. So they’re going to get that, and then he’s going to put it on his saw and cut it all nice and square for us as well. So that’ll be super sweet. So, that’s where we’re up to. It’s cranking along nicely. So good.


Ben was just sitting at hisdesk just finishing up for the afternoon. The cabinetmakers have come and gone. They haven’t quite finished yet, but we’ll show you what’s been going down anyway.

They put in this cabinet here, which will be all for our marketing stuff and things like that. The cupboards are all going in. So here’s the bench for the coffee machine stuff. So we’ll have our coffee beans up there and cups and whatever in there. And that’s the lighting kit or something. You can see, there’s a little bit of lighting under there. And then, yes, this is that bar we were talking about, the lunch bar sort of thing. So you see how it’s got that rough wood finish on it that they’ve left, and so just cut that down to size so you can have your lunch.

We’re going to change this over to some USB ones, but as a kitchen, the ovens are all in, just waiting on a few handles and stuff. The overheads, just all black. They’re a bit dusty still, but they’re cool. No handles so you can just grip it under there. Dishwasher’s going in there, and then the fridge. So we’re just about there. It looks good. So they’ll come back tomorrow and try and sort that out.