Episode 31 – Kitchen Splashback Tiling

We’re just doing the tiling today for our kitchen splashback. Check it out!

Our mate, Roger, is coming to give us a hand. Well, he’s actually going to do it. We’re not helping him that much. We bought the tiles, so that’s helpful. These are the tiles that we’re using. They’ve got a bit of a wavy finishing on it. Sorry about the lights, guys, it’s chewing it up a bit. And we’ve got these under bench cabinets sort of thing, so it will look quite good once it’s all sorted.

It’s very important when you’re doing the tiling, you got to map it out where you’re going to end up, so you’re not ending up with a tiny silver of tile and you can move it along a bit. Anyway, we’re going with 3 mil gaps between them, and we’re using some black grout. Got a little cutter here, so that’ll set it up, cut them all out, and hopefully get it sorted.

Another couple other things we’re going to do with the cabinetmakers. These waving lights, you wave them and the under bench lights come on. But that’s about all. Anyway, we’re just getting sorted today.


Looking good. Here’s what we’ve got so far. How good does that look with that light in the back, eh? Sorry about the flashing light. It’s annoying having that, but there’s only a half a tile, so a little bit more, so that’ll be pretty good to get it up there. It’s not even finished yet. It looks so good. So we’re pretty happy there.

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