Loose Mixer Tap and What Caused It

Do you have a loose mixer tap?

Check out this video to see what could cause the loose mixer tap.

We’ve got a call saying that the mixer in a basin was all loose and moving. When we arrived at the job, the customer said that one night she just heard a “pop” noise in the cupboard. She then opened the cupboard and this was laying down on the shelf with all rusts around it and everything.

This here is the two bolts that hold underneath onto the on the tap. So without it, the tap is totally loose. What’s happened is, because the rust has got such force, it’s just put that pressure on it and pushed it and rusted all the way through and just popped it.

You often see, like down at the beach, they used to make the toilets out of concrete. They had steel Rio bars that would just cracked the concrete.

It’s lucky that it didn’t crack the basin, because it would have been a lot of pressures to snap that. We’re chucking on another one. Australian-made tap with a swivel. They’ve got a 15 year hose warranty and also a 15 year on the cartridge which is really good. They’re the ones that we stock in the car all the time. You can see in the video when it’s all done.

If you need any help with this, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.