Episode 29 – Cleaning Up and Moving In

In this episode, we are finally cleaning up and moving in!

We’ve done a bit of clean up and got the toilet in and stuff. We’ll show you that in a sec. We’ve mopped all the floors and everything, so hopefully we’ll start moving some desks over. Sorry about flashing lights too. We don’t know what it does with the GoPro. It seems to vibrate a bit. Anyway, we’re just a bit worried about getting the computer here and the internet not working or something. We’ve got two computers, so we’ll bring one over first, get it off and running, and then Alfindy can start working from here when we get the other one over. So yes, it’s finally coming together.

Ambulant Bathroom

We’re going to show you the girl’s bathroom. We just cleaned the floor and everything. We’ve got a sort of matching toilet holder. We can put that on the floor now because it’s clean, but see, it’s got the sort of diamond pattern. Got that from Bunnings. Anyway, it’s all clean and ready to go now, which is good. Ben’s little brother was here to help us mop.If you think Ben is tall, his little brother is taller. He’s just come back from the US.

Disabled Bathroom

So, there’s the new disabled toilet. You can see the way how it’s so wide going back that way. So, these are all the regulations that you’ve got to have for disabled toilets, so they can use it and stuff. The back rest has to be a certain height off the floor. This bar has to be between 800-810, so it’s 805 which is good. So, all that sort of gear needs to be spot on, so quite difficult to get all right, shower and all that sort of stuff. Still waiting on the shower hose because the one that we got was too long and it could go into the toilet and that means cross contamination, so the hose is going to be gone after. So, it’s all clean and ready to go now. We’ve just got to clean this last bit of flooring. Kitchens are probably coming this week sometime. So, that will all be finished in two weeks, so that’ll be cool.

Moved In!

We have officially moved to the warehouse and it’s slightly weird actually. Yesterday we just packed up Ben’s desk first and brought it over here and got the computers running, internet, all that stuff, so that was all fine. And then Alfindy drove over and used Ben’s computer while we were getting her desk and cleaned it all up and monitors and all the rest, brought that over, plugged hers in, and so by the afternoon we had it all up and running. It was strange for Ben coming home last night and there was no desk there for him to do a little bit more work on. But it was good. Ben thought he slept a bit better because normally he’s on the computer till 10:30 at night sort of stuff, just quoting or researching new stuff and things like that. So, it was good to be able to wind down a bit.

The Set Up

We’re not sure with the setup if we’re going to leave it like this, but this is what we’re going to do in the meantime. Check out Brendo’s wall. It just looks so good. We’ve got the TV back up the other night as well. So, we got Ben’s desk here, and Afindy’s is over there, so she’s probably got the best spot. Not the nicest view of course because it’s an industrial area, but at least there’s a lot of natural light. We’ll show you. We’re really happy with the amount of light that comes in. It’s a fair bit. The sun’s not even really cranking out yet, but it’s a lot brighter than what it was when we first bought the warehouse.


A little bit strange because it’s so quiet. Ben is used to just walking out and talking to the kids and helping calls with something, things like that, but anyway, so here we are. The kitchen is coming today, which we’re pretty excited about. A lot of Ben’s wife’s ideas. So the fridge is going here, we’ll have the dishwasher, kitchen sink, and then the oven over here. We bought a bit of wood, like a wood bench for this breakfast bar, and also we got where the microwave sits in the coffee machines and stuff. So, Pete the electrician said he might be able to come and sort out these wires today as well because that’d be cool to get this circuit back up because this circuit is the same circuit for the internet at the back. So, we’ve got to run a cable for that at the moment.


What Kylie suggested is we have black uppers, no handles on it, gloss white drawers underneath, and like a stone look bench top. We were going to get real stone, but man, it’s costing too much money and it’s really only a warehouse. We reckon this is beautiful as it is. So, that’s what the guys will be doing today, and then again, we’ll get here where we’re covering all these with the internet cables and stuff that are required and we’re just putting a cupboard across here and that’ll be the guys’ pantry. We’ll keep it stocked with muesli bars and stuff like that to keep them going during the day, or if they come in early in the mornings and they just want to have a bit of breakfast or something, they’ll have some Weetbix and stuff in there, so that’s what we’ll be up to.

Disabled Bathroom

We don’t know if we showed you the toilet the other day. How commercial and disabled compliant is that? So, come up good, hey? That’s the old seat. That pops down so you can sit on that. We might even use it after an exhausting day on the jetter or whatever, just sit down and have a bit of a shower for a while. We’re pretty stoked about this little hot water system too. It works really well. It’s so small and you can adjust the temperature on the fly, so similar to the Rinnais.

Next Up

So we’re just waiting for the guys, just got a few quotes on stuff to do now and work on the computer that we normally get up and start doing it straight away, but now we have to go in the warehouse. Anyway, we’ll just wait for the guys to rock up and then we’ll be on our way giving them a hand and we’ve just got a few little things like some door stops to put in, especially the door here of this one here, when it opens up the handle actually whacks the glass. So, we don’t know if the wind comes through one day, it might break that, so just little things that we’ve got to do.

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