Check Your Flexis and Myattsfield Winery

Have you been to Myattsfield Winery?

It’s so beautiful out there. They have electric chargers if you have electric cars. We would recommend visiting Myattsfield Winery!

We went out there to replace their Super X 3 phase electric hot water system. When we turned it on, water was actually running through the system somewhere so we checked which taps were on. Turned out two of the hot taps in each toilets were on, so we shut them down. But we also noticed the flexible hoses were on their way out, so we offered to change them over. We show you in the video the before and after. So it’s all nice and safe now.

Make sure you check yours and get them replaced before it’s too late! If you need any help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.