Why No Hot Water? EASY Solution You Need to Know.

Does your hot water system need a replacement or only a service?

Do you have no hot water? How do you know if it needs a replacement or service?

Worry not!

In this video, we’ll take you through a few EASY steps to find out yourself.

Do you have a gas storage hot water system and no hot water?

How do you know if it just needs a service or if it needs a replacement?

Here are EASY STEPS to find out if:

It needs a replacement

  1. Take of the door and see if there is any water in the bottom of the unit
  2. If there is water, put your ear on the side of the unit and listen if you can hear running water.
  3. Can you hear the hissing? If so, then there is hole in the tank, so the hot water system will need a replacement.

It only needs a service

  1. If the inside of your hot water system is dry, then get down on your knees and see if there is a pilot light. You can find the pilot light at the end of the middle size pipe coming out of the bottom of the SIT valve.
  2. If there is no light, then follow the instructions on how to light it. They are usually on the back of the door.
  3. If it doesn’t light, it is a good idea to make sure that the gas is on at the property. The easiest way to do this is to light a gas appliance like a gas hotplate.
  4. It’s also good to check if the gas isolation valve (which is usually yellow) to the HWS is on. Remember, if you have a very old hot water system, you may not have one.
  5. Try again to light it, but if it still doesn’t light, it’s more than likely something has blocked up the pilot injector and is stopping the gas from coming out. So then, it will just need a service.
  6. If it pilot does light, but as soon as you take your finger off the gas valve, it goes out. Then again, you will just need to call your local plumber and book in a service for your hot water system.

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