Not Enough Hot Water? Here’s Why and How to Solve It

Do you have not enough hot water?

Do you feel your continuous flow hot water system producing not enough hot water? It is a sign that you need to clean the filter on your HWS. The inline filter needs to be serviced occasionally.

And the good news is, you can do this yourself! All you need is a screwdriver.

In this video, we will show you where the filter is located and how to service them.

Do you have one of the Continuous Flow HWS?

Do you feel the water flow has been slowly diminishing so you have not enough hot water?

Well, they all have and inline filter that needs a service occasionally.

There are several different makes, but they all generally have the same set up. So whether it is Thermann or Rinnai, these steps will work for you.

Find the filter

The filter is usually located on the cold inlet, which is in the pipe going into the centre of the unit.

These are usually marked with the words “inlet”.

The filter looks like a cap that faces the front of the unit.

See the video to know what it looks like for Thermann and Rinnai HWS.

Clean the filter

Then follow these NINE EASY STEPS to clean filter:

  1. Turn off the ball valve off under the HWS to cut the water supply to the HWS.
  2. Turn on a hot tap and leave it open. When the hot water main is still under pressure, it will be harder to remove the filter. And it’s a good chance you will get wet. So by doing this, it will release the pressure, making it easy to remove the filter.
  3. Most of the time all you will need is a big flat end screwdriver.  Pop it in the filter cap and turn anti-clockwise to remove the filter (In the video, you can see how removing the filter on the Thermann looks like.)
  4. Check for debris in the filter and give it a rinse under a tap.
  5. Stand to the side and turn of the ball valve fully and blast of the water from the line
  6. Check the o’ring seal on the filter.
  7. It is a good idea to put a lube up the o’ring before you put it back in. If you don’t have any tap lube, just put a small amount of liquid soap. This will work also.
  8. Replace the filter. Not too tight, just snugly (You can see how this looks like on the Thermann in the video.)
  9. Turn the isolation valve back on under the HWS and go inside to turn off the hot tap that you turned on earlier.

All done. How easy was that! Now you have a clean filter.

You should also make sure you’re making the most of your continuous flow hot water system.

But if you need a plumber to help with any other plumbing related issues, and you live in or near the Shire of Kalamunda, give us a call. We will be happy to help.