Pioneer Onyx: How to Get It Fixed for the Better

Do you have a Pioneer Onyx that has gas issues?

We’ve got another Pioneer Onyx Camper that was brought in. It’s got the standard kitchen this time, and it’s had a bit of a problem with the gas. The quick connect was leaking and they couldn’t get the parts anymore, and when they got another part, it didn’t work. And they’ve had a crack trying to fix it themselves. Not a good idea. But we’ll show you how we sorted it out.

The Issue

This camper has had a bit of use. It’s quite a few years old. These are great campers. You can tow them out anywhere you want more or less. But the fitting that most of them came with when they were built was leaking. The owner figured it out when he could smell gas, so he didn’t use it for any cooking and stuff.

So they sent him a new fitting, but it didn’t fit, he said. He’s taken it apart and tried to have a crack on the job. He’s just taken the sink out, loosened it up for us. In the video we showed where the fitting was meant to sit and how they wanted to be out of the way when they slide the kitchen back in.

So we’ve taken all the gas off and we’re going to try to get a good solution for that pain point. And to make it safe for them to take the Pioneer Onyx to remote places. You don’t want to have a explosion and burn yourself when you’re miles from home or hospital.

What We’re Doing

We don’t like flares so much where you can’t see them. So what we’ve done is we’ve welded an elbow onto the copper pipe. And then we folded up a bracket behind it, and then just put a little quarter bulkhead through, fold it up. And then you see on the other side, it just pops out. We’ll put some rubber pinch on there. And so when this is finally connected, it’s just a matter of pushing it on. You want to be able to easily reach it and not in the way when fridge is out next to it.

The Results

We show you in the video how it was all connected nice and neat. And when we slide in the kitchen, it was not hitting anything. Really easy to pull in and out.

We also show you how the set up works. You’ve got to hook it onto your gas bottle with the longer hose. It’s probably better if you had bayonets in the wet storage like we did on the other Pioneer Camper that we’ve done.

We pull out the kitchen. You can see it’s really easy to get onto it and it doesn’t hit anything. We always like to put the dust plugs in. So if it falls on the ground, you don’t get any grit in there. Just pop that plug out. There’s no gas coming out of that because it’s a shut-off valve. You pop it on there, slide it on, and now you’re connected with gas. Also, see how it hangs down on an angle too. It gives space for the fridge or cupboard that slide out next to it. Really good solution to having it back here, out of the way and very accessible.

And then to take it off, you can use your thumb to pull it out. Very easy.

If you’ve got a Pioneer Onyx Camper or any other camper that you might want to get rid of some pain points, give us a call. We could come up with a solution.