Episode 20 – Powerpoints, TV, & Internet Cable

In this episode, we give you more updates about the TV, powerpoints, and the internet cable.

It’s a Saturday morning here in Welshpool. It’s really nice to come in just to clean up, get ahead of the week on a Saturday, because it’s just so quiet. You can hear a few people changing tires and stuff, but in general it’s a pretty quiet place, which is cool. So, today, we’ve just finished up the TV so it can be cluttered. If you have a look, we’re pretty stoked with how it’s sort of worked out here. So, the TV’s on this awesome bracket and you can flick around so we can sit around it. Eventually we’re going to have a table out here where we’ll do a toolbox meetings.

Stud Wall

But we had to do this stud wall. And the reason for that was is that we had this massive hole here, these wires, we’re not even sure what they do. So, we had to hide a lot of wires and everything. So, Jason, the ceiling fixer said, look, let’s just put it out, box it in. The TV can be mounted to the concrete panel, so that’s going to be super strong. Just boxing around. Then we can run all the wires and everything down and to it. But we didn’t want to see heaps of power points. We’ve got one power point down here and then a power point over here and a data point. And Ben will probably have his desk here where he can do some work. He won’t hang out in the desk heaps. So, just somewhere over here in the corner for him. But we didn’t want to have all these power points. So, we asked Pete, if there’s any reason we can’t put the power points and stuff behind it in this area on the back. And he said, no worries.

TV Bracket & Powerpoints

So, you can see here that we’ve put in a couple of these metal brackets here. What we’re going to have is put a shelf in and then underneath you can buy these magnets that you can sort of screw in and mount them on. So, when the shelf goes on there, it’ll stick onto the magnets. You can put the sound bar or something on that shelft. And then any cables, we’ll just have to have a small little conduit running up here with a little cutout of the back of the shelf. We just place that shelf on top of that. And so, anytime we need access, we can just pop it off and take it. And then inside you can see that we’ve got all the power points there. One will be for the TV, the sound bar, the Apple TV or something, whatever we need. So, we’ve got four, which is plenty.

Data & HDMI Cable

And then right down the bottom there, that’s a data cable to run the TV or whatever. You can see it goes all the way down. There’s a little frame, like a plastic frame that you can get for similar to a power point, and that’s got these little clear brushes on there so you can push cables through and push them back in and out. So, Pete suggested that if we just buy a really long cable, like a six meter or something HDMI, we can plug it into the back of the TV up here and then run it down, stick it out through those little brush things. And so, when we’re doing the toolbox meeting, we can pull it out, plug it into Findy’s computer, and then this will be one of the screens and the other screen will be hers.

So, she can still take all the minutes and everything, what we talked about at the meeting, keep it all nice and safe. And then the other screen, if we need to watch something or go over a job or discuss something, we can put it straight up onto that one. And then of course, when we’re finished, instead of having that cable running, lying on the floor all the time, we can just push it back behind the wall. Plenty of space down there and it’ll keep it nice and safe.

Internet Cable

One thing we are struggling with is this internet cable. We found it far over on the corner outside all the units. There’s a box on a post which has it there. So, one of my customers, Warren, who does all this sort of stuff, he came out and helped me locate. He did his push rod up here to see where this phone cable went.

So, originally, when we pushed it down, it went off out past that window there, but it was actually going out this way. And we remember back in the day when we cut up this part here, there were a lot of pipes out. We didn’t know what they were. So, we did cut the concrete just out here. We found the phone line here, but that goes that way. This one here we thought might have been the phone cable that went all the way to the front of the unit. But then Pete noticed too, that this here, that’s a cable that goes up to this power point here. Now that stuff’s not even meant to be in the sand like that. It’s meant to be in a proper conduit. And so, totally illegal. Again, totally dodgy. So, during the build, we’ve been taking photos of the pipes and everything. And so, now this is where it’s really come into its own, because we’ve taken these photographs and you can see that there’s three pipes that were going over to that area there.


So, we found those three pipes. One of them, you could see the cable for the power point going into and there’s another power point there, so that was the other one, and then it was the phone cable. But then there’s two or three that are going off straight over to the other side of the unit. And we think one of those are the ones that has that cable. So, we think just through here, those phone cables come from this area here and go all the way the through there past out the unit, under the floor there, all the way to the very front of the unit where it is. So, we’ve got a guy coming in a couple days that Warren organized them because they’ve got a tracing line.

Now, if it’s the same what we do with the drains, then that might be good. He might be able to shove it down and push it up. And if we can find it here somewhere before we go into the office, maybe we can put the NBN cable here and the box on the wall, and then run it up to the box out the back. That’s one of other things that’s holding us up a bit. We don’t know what the other options are if we can’t get the NBN in here. There’s satellite dish. We know a guy over the road got a satellite dish on his. He said that might be able to do that or something. We don’t know how all this works.