Episode 2 – Purchasing Warehouse

We are purchasing a warehouse!

Watch the video below to see what we’ve got.

Well, there it is, peeps. That sold sticker meant that the unit was finally ours. Let’s go grab the keys off the agent and then we’ll give you the tour.

Picking Up The Keys (A Skit)

Ben: How are you going?

Charlie: Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?

Ben: Yeah.

Charlie: I’m good. How are you doing?

Ben: Yeah, I’m good. I’m just meant to meet Paul here to pick up some keys.

Charlie: Do you mean Mr. Scarfone?

Ben: Yeah, Mr. Scarfone.

Charlie: So, are you a friend of his?

Ben: No, we’re more like best mates.

Charlie: Mr. Scarfone, he ain’t coming.

Ben: All right. Why is that?

Charlie: He don’t like the camera. It’s not his thing.

Ben: Oh, that’s such a shame. I was going to ask him a couple of questions.

Charlie: Questions? What type of questions?

Ben: Oh, just how he got into the real estate business and stuff.

Charlie: Paulie, he took over his father’s business.

Ben: Okay. If someone is watching who wants to get in contact with Mr. Scarfone, how would they do that?

Charlie: Listen, if you are looking at buying or selling or leasing a commercial property, you’ll find him. He knows everybody. He knows everything. He knows every property. He knows everything about everybody and every property. Capeesh?

Ben: Okay, capeesh.

Charlie: Anyway, you can always call these people, 9277 6677. Tell them Charlie sent you.

Ben: Well, please pass on to him that I really appreciate all his help.

Charlie: Yeah, for sure. Good luck because you’re going to need it.

Ben: What does that mean?

Charlie: The previous owner, let me just say he’s not in my circle of trust. Ciao.

Ben: Yeah. Ciao.

The Tour

In the video, we show you the unit with a roll up door, a front door and window to the office, as well as windows upstairs. It doesn’t look that big but it’s a bit deceptive. We’ve got our car parked in there.

The front door led to the office. There’s a window looking into the warehouse and a lovely picture. We’ll give that to some newlywed that’s getting married or something like that. It had a whiteboard as well. Then there’s a passageway that goes to a basin and disabled toilet, but it’s not legit at the moment.

Then there’s the warehouse with a front roll up door. Plenty of space to put a car in. But what’s deceiving about it is that it goes all the way to the back, so it’s just massively long down this way. It’s just a huge area. All the benches and shelvings at the back, we’ll probably take out because we will end up putting too much of my stuff on there.


There’s a staircase leading up the mezzanine, but it isn’t really legit because it’s too high for what it’s meant for. The upstairs had a bit of a landing and another big office. There’s a walk-in robe, and you can see there was markings for a bed with some bedside tables where Harold lived for a while for whatever reasons. And then we got the lovely outlook onto the carpark through the windows. There was also a hot water system in the corner behind the door which was totally illegal.

But anyway, that’s about it for the unit. So we just got to check out the flooring and see if it’s all legit. Hopefully it is. But yeah, we’re pretty excited about it. So, we’ll let you know how we go with the structural engineer in the next episode.