Episode 5 – Renovating Warehouse Part 1

Demolition is done, now onto renovating!

Check out the video to watch our progress as we start renovating.

In the previous episode, we have showed you the plan. We’ve then marked it out on the floors a couple of days ago. So you can see here where we’ve laid it all out, where the ambulant toilet’s going to sit. And then we’ve got the dishwasher and kitchen sink. So we’ve got to get a line over to that area. We’ve also taken the existing toilet out and gone down the line so we could see inside, because we had no ideas where the plans are or where the drains are for this. We show you where the disabled toilet will sit, and then we’ll have a little trough. Once we get all the concrete cut up, we will get the bobcat in to lift it all out and then we can go ahead to that.

Concrete Floors Cut Up

Still got no power today so it was a bit of a hassle. There was one of the transformers caught alight around the corner, and when we asked the guys how long it was going to take them to sort it out, they were like, “Well, there’s 75 pole fires today in Perth. And so that just writes off the rest of the day.” But anyway, most of the stuff we can use battery stuff.

Anyway, we have got the excavator from Digrite just to pull up the floor. You can see that the concrete guys have cut it all out in sections for us. So we can start pulling it out and getting the whole bathroom section out. And then once it’s all out, then we can start exposing the pipe and then connect onto existing plumbing and then run it all to the new ambulant toilet and then disabled toilet, kitchen sink, and then maybe a stack going upstairs for if we put kitchen sinks upstairs in the meeting room or the upstairs office.

It was really hard getting back to the wall there, but we’ve pulled up the whole section. We just took it all out. The hardest parts were getting it off the wall there because they couldn’t cut right up to it. So it’s a bit of a bomb site at the moment. We’ve got all the bits of concrete just laying over here. So hopefully tomorrow we’ll get a bobcat in to pick all that up and take it away.

So tomorrow we’re just going to clean up, get all the rocks and everything out. There are some cables like for the phone line that goes next door. So the guy reckons that it might be the phone line for next door or something, so we hope we haven’t busted anything there. So we’re just trying to be gentle gentle.

Cutting Up Window and Door

We’re also trying to get this window out as well. You can see they’ve cut the bottom of it, you can see it through it. And then we can make that the door. If you kick it, it is moving a bit, so that’s good. Hopefully tomorrow we can take that bottom section out and leave the window in there, and then we can get it properly measured up so we can put the new door in here so the guys can come in here.

Concrete Floors Prep

Brendo and Benno have come to give us a hand just prepping the place for concrete. So we’re getting the levels correct and we’re driving some holes into the sides so we can put some pegs in, and then it all ties in together. So this slab will tie into this slab. And so yeah, it becomes rock solid. You can see Brendo’s made it a lot thicker on the sides. This is where the walls are going to sit, so it becomes like its own footing. And so when that wall is sitting on it, there’s not going to be stacks of weight on it, because the mezzanine’s not resting on it, but it’ll just be a bit better. It doesn’t cost much to get it right.

So we’re just going to level it all off today and then get the white ants spray so there’s no white ants and stuff that come up in the future. And then we can put the black plastic and then the mesh and then we’ll be good to go with the concrete.