Episode 6 – Renovating Warehouse Part 2

Check out our progress with the concrete floor in this episode!

Watch the video below to see where we’re up to with our warehouse renovation especially the concrete floor.

We’ve got the concrete coming in this episode. We’ve had the white ant guys come and do their treatment. They’ve put a white plastic down and also these bits of blue plastic around it. Apparently the termites and stuff can’t get up there. We were going to put black plastic down, but obviously this would be all right for a membrane. And you can see all the pegs are all ready to go. Now when the concrete comes in here, it’ll all bind around these pegs and then really bind in the two areas.

Here’s the mesh that we’ve got. When Brendo and Benny comes, we’ll be lifting this mesh up here and just putting it on there, tying it back a bit. And then hopefully the concrete truck can just drive into the warehouse and back it up here, and then just pour it all.

The Walls

You can see Brendo’s marked out all the walls here. So this is where the walls are sitting. You see this is the wall that’ll be for the kitchen. So that’ll go across, and you can see it’ll sit on the new slab that we’re pouring. See how Brendo’s really taken that right down there, so it’d be a lot thicker for the wall to sit on. Now, it doesn’t really need it because that wall’s not taking any real pressure or anything like that from the mezzanine because that’s self-supporting. But it’ll be good once it’s all sorted out.

We’ll now just make sure we’re ready for the concrete and then get going. Concrete and that always makes us a little bit nervous. Whatever happens with concrete, whenever you start, in about two hours, you’re finished, no matter what. Be a good finish or a bad finish. But anyway, Brendo’s awesome at all this stuff, so look forward to getting it done.

Concrete is Coming

We’ve got the wheelbarrows ready. So we’ve picked up the mesh and laid it in position. It filled it up nicely. We just put a couple bits of little PVC there to keep it off the grounds. When the concrete pours around it, it can go underneath it and stuff like that.

Now, Brendo said it’s probably not a good idea to get the concrete truck into the factory and wear it out because it’s a 20 ton, it could damage the floor, which is smart. So hopefully the concrete truck will just back up near the door and then hopefully the chute will come through the door and then we can barrow it all across, smooth it all out. So we’re just waiting for the concrete truck to come now and then we can get straight into it. And a couple hours, we’ll be finished.

Concrete is Done

After two hours, we’re finished and it’s come up a fantastic job, thanks to Brendo and Benny, and my father-in-law who did a great job. We’re stoked with it. You can see the result in the video. It is all sitting there. You can see how we’ve got a place for the walls to sit on now. So they’ll sit on there. There’s a kitchen sink tap. So it’s all come out really good. And that’ll just sit there drying. You can see it’s a bit lower in the bathrooms. That’s so that they can mix up some mud and then they grade it with a 20 mm fall all the way to the floor waste. So we’ve just got to let that dry now and that’ll be dry by the weekend.

What’s Next?

We’ve got to get on ordering some bricks, lintels, and also windows. We’re really thinking about double glazing on the front windows out the front, because across the other side there is Perth Waste and they make a lot of bins. Sometimes they’re turning these bins over and they’re just clanging when they’re welding them. So you’d have these days where it’s quite noisy when they’re manufacturing these bins. We might put some double glazing in for the front windows that are facing the waste place. We’ve never had double glazing on any of the houses we’ve owned, but apparently it stops a lot of noise and heat. So soon when the sun goes over, it goes down a bit, it’ll start copping a bit of sun on the front window.

So anyway, that’s what we’re up to. We’ve got a bit of stuff to order so we can continue moving on, and then finally move in here. Stay tuned!