Retro Flow Meter: You Need to Have for Free Camping

Do you like free camping? If you do, have you heard of the Topargee Flow Meter?

Keep watching and we’ll explain what Topargee Flow Meter is and why it’s a must-have.

Topargee Flow Meter

Let us introduce you to an awesome invention and it’s a must for free camping. It is a flow meter that you need to install just after the pump on your caravan or camper.

Now this is the flush mount version. It’s connected to the 12 volt system of your caravan. Now don’t stress if the power gets turned off to this. It still remembers the reading, what it was last on.

There’s also a surface mount which is just battery operated. Instead of having water gauges on each tank, which aren’t that accurate, what this does is it keeps track of how much water you actually use. The best thing about it is it counts down.

So for example, this retro van has about 160 liters on board. So you get the top of the flow meter to count down from 160 so you’ll know exactly how much water you have left so you can maybe stay an extra night.

Are you interested?

So we’ve got a large workshop.

Now many years ago, Ben worked as a plumber at a company called Heeshen Shipyards over in Holland. Now they build these luxury aluminium super yachts. It was there he was taught how to tig weld because he had to make up brackets sometimes where there weren’t any support for the pipes that he was putting in. So it’s very easy for him to fabricate brackets to hold bayonets or water connectors or something for your caravan or camper, to protect them from branches, bushes, or just to support them.

So if you, like us, live in the best city in Australia, and you would like an extra gas bayonet put in your caravan or need to fix a gas leak. Or you just need the gas certified on your camper or caravan. You might even be thinking, “Oh, I wouldn’t mind having a little hot water system plumbed in, or an extra water tank!” Give Beautiful Plumbing a call. We’ll be happy to help.