How Much Do Roots Grow? You See What Happened

Have you seen how much roots grow?

And the places they can go? You might not realise this because they are usually underground. But roots grow inside the drain, too!

In this video, you will see how crazy they can grow.

A client had a blocked drain. There was water coming out of the inspection opening, slowly seeping out. There was a blockage down stream of that, and the upstream was the septic tank. It was grey water coming out of there. We set the jetter down and hit something near another inspection opening that had no proper cap – just an ice cream plastic box lid.

So the roots had a chance to grow inside, and in the video we show an enormous root that we found all the way down the drain. No wonder it was blocked.

Once the roots grow inside a drain, it can go pretty crazily. So we cleared it up and fixed up the inspection opening – to put a proper one, so it would be easier to unblock in the future.

Yep, crazy stuff.

Some blocked drains are caused by simple blockages like excessive toilet papers or wipes. And that one you can unblock yourself.

But some others are more challenging.

So if you have any blocked drain, give us a call and we will be able to help you unblock it.

You don’t want the roots to grow crazily and block even more.