Soft Floor Camper Trailer. Quick and Easy Gas You Need to See

Do you have a soft floor camper trailer that has gas bottle holders?

But do you still need to take the gas bottle out and bring it around the soft floor camper trailer to connect it up to your stable BBQ with tools?

Well, there is a better way and all you need is a little modification.

In this video, we’ll show you what we did.

The Request

There are quite a few soft floor camper trailers on the market. You can get between five and ten grand. They’ve usually got a massive queen-sized bed and once set up, they’ve got stacks of room inside. One of the downsides is it takes a bit longer to set up and they don’t have some of the features that the new forward folds and rear folds have.

This is an MDC Gal. It’s a great camper, but the owner wanted to be able to leave the gas bottles in the gas bottle holders. He wanted us to install a bayonet out the back so he could connect up his BBQ or his gas stove without tools. By installing a gas regulator near the bottles, running a short gas main to a bayonet on the rear of the camper, we’ll save a lot of time and relieve some of the pain points when camping.

How It Works

All we need to do is:

  • grab the gas hose
  • remove the dust plug from the rear bayonet
  • line up the lugs
  • push it in with a slight twist
  • And now this gas hose is live. When it’s connected, no gas will come out of the end of this hose, even with the dust plug out, because there’s a stop valve in there
  • grab the other end of the hose
  • remove the dust cap from your stove
  • push it in

And now you’re cooking with gas.

Companion Double Work Burner

This is the owner’s double wok burner made by Companion. It’s a little big but it has some great features. One of them is that the ignition system has a flame thrower on it,. So what it does when you push the button and right before it sparks, it shoots gas over a little electrode that lights it. That means it throws a flame up onto the burner so you’ve got this flame on the burner, so even in windy conditions, it’ll light very easily. You only really see these flame throwing ignition systems on the more up-market BBQs.

Another great feature is they have an outer and an inner burner. They’re both on when they’re on high so it seriously cranks out some heat, but then if you turn it down to low, only the middle burner stays on and so it’s really good for simmering.

Another thing you can buy is these fold-out wind shields. These are great. You just have to modify it a bit so it can go over the gas pipe and it works really well, fits around. You can hug it with the whole thing.

Are you interested?

We’ve got a really big workshop. If you need a gas line installed, or a gas bayonet, or need your camper trailer certified gas wise, or there might be a gas leak. Or, even if you want one of these hot water systems installed in your caravan or camper trailer, give us a call, and we’re happy to help out.