How to Test Bosch and Find Out A Problem

Do you know how to test BOSCH and detect what issue it has?

Watch the video below where we show you how to test Bosch when it keeps dying on you and find out what the problem is.

Do you have a BOSCH 10P that has been working well for a while and then suddenly it keeps dying after you use it?

Then you have to keep going out and relighting it again.

Here’s a little test that you can do to see if there’s something wrong going on.

In the video, we show you a little thing called “Over Temp Switch”.

If the water gets too hot on the water jacket, it shuts the gas off and makes it safe. If your system doesn’t have it, what will happen is the water will expand and explode. It will then pop the copper water jacket.

So what you do is:

  • Turn off the valve under the hot water system
  • Turn on the tap inside the house. Make sure it’s fully opened.
  • Then go back to the hot water system and turn on the valve underneath it. The pilot light should light up.
  • Now shut the valve again, and that should shut the gas off within 3 seconds.

But check out what happened to this one in the video.

It was making noises and the fire lighted up even more before it shut down. That’s because the gas wasn’t turning off for some reason.

If that happens to yours, get your local plumber out to see what’s going on – why the gas valve is stuck, leaving the gas open and reheating the water all the time and turning it into steam.

Make sure you stand back and shut down the system if this happens.

After we serviced it, we show you again what is supposed to happen, so make sure you watch the video till the end.

If you need our help to sort this out for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.