Why You Need to Check Your Water Pressure Limiting Valve Immediately

Do you have a water pressure limiting valve installed at your property?

In the video below, we show you why you need to make sure your water pressure limiting valve is still working well.

Do you have a high pressure in your area? You may think you’re okay because you’ve looked at your water meter and you see that it’s got a water pressure limiting valve (PLV) on there.

If the one you have looks like the one we showed in the video, it is the AVG model. There’s a good chance it is no longer functioning well if it’s a couple of years old.

Like the house in the video, their taps were leaking all the time. We checked their water meter and they have got a PLV on it. But it didn’t work anymore because when we tested the pressure, it was 900 kPa.

So, we cut the old one out and put in one of the new valves, which go up to 2,000 kPa and they seem to last a lot longer.

You can see the spring’s coming out of the old one, so it’s just failed because of the high pressure here. If you’ve got high pressure at your place with one of these AVG model, get your plumber out. They will check it out and get the new one installed. Or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.