Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer – Phil’s Special Modifications

Do you own an Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer?

We got another Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer with the three bayonet setup. We call it the Phil’s Special now. G’day Phil, if you’re watching. That was his idea. This Phil setup got a little bit of a twist, where we’ve put a bayonet at a different spot. Turned out really sweet. It might be something that you might be thinking of doing on yours.

The Phil’s Special

In this Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer, the owner got these connectors for the solar and things like that up near the gas bottle storage box. So he didn’t want the hot water system there. He’d like it on the other side. This one actually came in before Phil’s. We went through it all. He wanted it all underneath and all that sort of stuff. And then Phil came and said, “Oh, can we just put it all out of this box?” We actually sent this guy a video and said, “Hey, do you want to try this out instead?” He was like, “That’s a great idea.” And we said, “It is.” So that’s what’s happened.

The Twist

The only thing we’ve done differently is we’ve just put two bayonets here, one for the cooker, one for the barbecue, with the flame failure device. And we’ve put the third one at the front, and that’s going to go around to the hot water system whenever he gets that installed.

It’s very important to have the lid on the storage box, because this could be an ignition point. The lid just slides out. It’s a three mil checker plate, cut out to size with the pinch weld and the toggle switch on it. And then, inside the box, we’ve cut out the old bottle, which is a nine kilogram. And we’ve installed the new four four kilogram bottle with the new regulator. You can see the couple of bayonets coming out of the box. We also put in the new hose. They’re super easy to take off.

We also put all the stickers and stuff like that. And the hot plate in this one as well. We’ll show you that in a sec. Also, we did a video on how to fix the water pipe issue on this camper. The owner had a crack at it and did a good job. Just a couple of things he missed, the stem adapter. We’ll show you that as well later.

The Set Up

So, with the drawers all opened, you can see we’ve done this one a little bit differently. We’ve brought out a little bracket on the side here, and that sort of sticks it out and then gives us a little bit room for the drawer, ’cause it just gets so tight under there. Takes ages trying to get it all in. The trouble is, when you get that drawer out, once it’s locked down, we can’t get our hand in there all the way. That’s what we brought it out here so it’s easier to access.

Here’s that little stem elbow we were talking about. So when these campers come from the factory, they just come up and straight in. It’s quite a tight bend. But if you get this stem elbow, we’ve just installed that frame, popped it in, make sure you got the little sleeve in there, and that just takes all the pressure off. And that just ran all the way through to the other side. So this is at the back of the drawer. Put a nice John Guest elbow on it and then put a clip. And that clip you need to just not be too high, ’cause you gotta miss all this.

Then once the coil’s all coiled up, you can see he had the coil up pretty long, probably a little bit too long, but then you just clip it to the back of the fridge slide here. And then you put another elbow on, that he didn’t have. And then that gives that flexibility. See how it can move on the pipe? So when you go to push it back in, see how it just slides back in, no kinks or anything. So he had a good crack, and nearly there, but we just chucked a couple more things on. And now it’s not going to give him grief for a while, so that’s great.


So if you’ve got an Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer, good on you, because we think they’re pretty cool. And if you want any gas work done, just go have a chat to your local gas fitter. He should be able to sort this out. It’s not super hard.

If you live in Perth, and you want us to have a crack at it, then more than happy to give us a call, book it in and we’ll sort it out for you. Just make sure you mention if you want the Phil’s Special or something else, then we’ll be able to sort that out for you.