You Need to See What We Found in This Drain Blockage

Do you have a drain blockage?

You want to know about this. A client called us because everything was blocked in his house. So we came down and had a look at their drain blockage.

See what we found!

We thought there was roots in drain, but after cleaning it up, it looked like… steel.


So we tried to reach it. And guess what we found?

A screwdriver.

Yes, a screwdriver!

Very rusty. No kidding.

Apparently, they had a plumber two years ago renovating their bathroom, and the screwdriver probably fell down there and got stuck.

Down the drain? Yeah, not the best place. But thankfully, it’s all sorted now. Everything is flowing again.

If you have a blockage issue, you might want to give it a check. Stuff you find in drains… It can be unexpected. What do you know, it can be a screwdriver!

Did you know…

… that you can solve blocked drain with a mop? Only if it’s not a serious blockage. It’s very quick and easy, you can do it yourself. Following FOUR SIMPLE steps, you can get that drain flowing again. You can do unblock toilet yourself too. All you need is a mop. But if it’s a serious blockage, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.