The Not So Flushable Wipes: How to Avoid Blockage Issues

Do you normally use the flushable wipes?

Here’s the thing. These so-called flushable wipes aren’t meant to be flushed down the toilet, especially if you got a septic system.

Check out what’s happened in the video below.

The poor septic bloke is now trying to get it out. You can see layer upon layer of wipes. It’s very difficult to get out now. It goes straight into your leach drain as well. It couldn’t flow through and block it up. So don’t use it. It’s a nightmare. Just put them in a bin.

We have another example here on why you shouldn’t flush the wet wipes down the toilet.

We also have a blog post with a video where we explain how the septic tank works and the recommendation on how to maintain it (and to know the problem signs).

The Water Services Association of Australia reminds us to only flush down the 3Ps down the toilet – Pee, Poo and toilet Paper!

“Practicing good hygiene is extremely important at this time. However, wet wipes, paper towel and tissues can create ‘fatbergs’ which result in blockages and extra costs for utilities and customers. Wastewater systems are designed for human waste and toilet paper. Toilet paper breaks down quickly but while wet wipes may clear your toilet bowl, they do not break down quickly enough for our wastewater systems. This can lead to blockages and overflows into homes and creeks.”