You Need to Know: The NEW Easy-to-turn Garden Dual Tap

Have you seen this new outside dual tap for your garden?

Do you only have one tap at the back but you want two? Here is a great solution for you. In this video, we introduce you to the new garden dual tap.

A lot of the times, you’ve got a hose tap out the back and a hose attached to it all the time. Or you’ve got one of those plastic ones from Bunnings with the two retics on there and a timer and everything.

There are the new dual taps now and you can operate both taps independently. They are quarter-turn, really easy to use for the elderly and even your kids can turn it on and off themselves.

In this video, we removed the old garden tap, cut, adjust, and put a new fitting on. That just sits on the wall with a couple of new vacuum breakers, and then we put in the dual taps.

So now you can easily have two taps to cater all your different needs. You can put your hose on one with a retic timer and have the other to fill up buckets or do something else.

Great solution if you only got one tap at the back when you want two.

If you want to swap your old tap to this new one, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

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