Episode 19 – TV, Roof Leak, Internet Cable

In this episode, we have a few updates about the TV and internet cable as well as the roof leak we mentioned before in the previous episode.

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We thought the ceiling fixers would be coming in to start putting the ceiling panels up for the bathroom. But they haven’t rocked up. Obviously they’re busy. We’ve got the new TV, so we’ve put that up on the wall so they could put the stud wall in. What they’re going to do is attach the bracket to the concrete, so it’s super solid and then it’s going to sit back like that and then all the plaster board’s going to be built around it. Probably put a little shelf in down here. That’s where the sound bar will go.

We’ve got a pretty cool bracket too because obviously if the team gets big or something, we can bring it out from the wall and bring it over. We’ve just wrapped it up in plastic so it doesn’t get all dusty. And so they can then see where it’s going to sit and all that. So that’s good.

Roof Leak

We’ve been working on the roof a bit too. We showed you that last time. There’s quite a few leaks, so that’s the fiberglass sheeting and it’s all just gone pretty bad. Still a little bit of stuff in there. So we’ve put this bitumen coating on there, but the trouble is there was a lot of sandblasting material that’s blown over from there back in the day. And so we couldn’t really do it. So we got the blower up there and blew it off. But we’ll take you up there now and show you how we’ve just put the bitumen coating on just to give it a bit of stop gap. Because in the future we’d probably like to replace that with some of the stuff that’s got the insulation in it.

So where it was leaking, dripping down on top of our new ceiling, we’ve just gone and tried to mark or measured where they were. And this flue that’s come through, we’ve measured from there. We had one leak dripping here. You can see we’ve numbered number six. There’s one here, so just replaced a couple of screws on that. But a lot of the leaks were coming through this joint here.

And we think this sheet here goes all the way under that one and past it and we don’t know how, but the water seems to be going up there and then trickling in when there’s a real storm or something. And again, in there we were shoving the blade in and just pulling out heaps of sand and stuff. So we’ve cleaned it all out as best we could, put silicone in there and then replaced all these screws here. Replaced them all, and so hopefully there won’t be any more water coming out here.

Bitumen Coating

And that’s the bitumen coating that we’ve done for that fiberglass sheeting. It looks like this over here originally. You can see all the fibers have just come apart. That’s that grit from the sandblasting. We had to blow all that off because when you’d roll it would just come off. This sheet here needs to be replaced. You can see how it’s all like the beach sand sort of thing, so it’s got to replaced eventually too.

It’s in better condition than the one across this unit over here. You can see that’s all bowed. That would leak pretty badly as well. It’s not as bad as that one over there. But anyway, we’ve just got to get through this winter. We don’t want to start changing roof now. We’ve got a good day today, but we had some shocking rain. That’s when it all started leaking. Hopefully that’s just a bit of a stop gap.

We’d never use that bitumen stuff normally. We’d rather just fix it properly. But you see over here too, they’ve tried to fix a joint on the box gutter. We’ll show you over here and they’ve just done a dog’s breakfast of it. And it just makes it harder because you don’t know what you’re looking at. Again, we’ve tried to stick this joint on here. We don’t know how that even works, so it’s probably going to cause a leak. And the one we did over there. We cleaned that back in the day, remember, and that’s all come up good now. It’s all sealed up and that’s still no leak or anything there.


We’re just waiting for a delivery for some of the stuff for the kitchen now, like the fridge and everything because the cabinet maker said we’re better off getting the fridge to the warehouse because once they install the kitchen… He said quite a few where they’ve chosen a fridge, put the kitchen in and then they just couldn’t get the fridge for months. And so he’s had to go and cut it out and make it bigger to match the fridge that they did have in stock. So that’s what we did. We went down and just said, “Okay, what do you got in stock? We’ll have that fridge, that dishwasher, that washing machine and that wall oven.” They’re the ones we bought. We couldn’t be too fussy. It’s just a warehouse, but it’s nice to be nice too.

Internet Cable

This internet cable is a bit of a mystery at the moment. It does come in here at the door and we’ve stuck some down it and it feels like it’s going that way. We went outside here, pulled up this here. This is where the water meter is and we’ve dug all the way down and found everything but that thing, so we’re at a bit of a lost end.

But then back in the day when we did the sewer where we cut the whole thing out for the toilet and everything, we remember through here there was a couple of 25 mil pipes and a phone line knocked in under the unit and one of them went to the bloke next door. So now we’re thinking maybe that it comes out this way and maybe comes past here. So what we might do is just cut a little bit of concrete out here, just down here, and then see if that pipe’s there and then we can maybe join onto it. But other than that, we’re out of ideas.

We don’t know if they can find that, and in some sort of way they can locate where the pipe goes. This unit’s structure is good, but the stuff he’s done with water mains and stuff is just pretty dodgy. Had a leak in the original water main, so lucky we put the new one in. But anyway, I’ll cut that up and see what happens. Hopefully it’s there.