Would You Like a Laundry Renovation? Watch This Now

Would you like a laundry renovation?

Check out the video below where we’ve done a laundry renovation for a customer.


This laundry renovation job was brought on by an event with a washing machine. The washing machine was on spin cycle. It was going flat out and then it malfunctioned somehow. And the whole thing sort of jumped and turned, like 180 degrees. It knocked the trough, all the tiles off the wall and everything. You can see some footage of when it first happened in the video. Luckily the owner was home when it happened, so they could turn the water off. The control panel even ended up in the passageway. It was a bit crazy.

You can see the tiles were all broken and the trough was loose. So what we’re going to do is take the trough out because it’s a bit rusty and stuffed inside as well. We’ll get rid of the taps, lower them down so we can connect onto them later with a mixer. We’ll put a nice butler’s trough and probably get rid of the washing machine taps and pop them under the cupboard. So it’s going to look all nice and clean. The floor tiles are coming up too. These are incredibly slippery. So, we’ll get something that’s a bit more grippy for the kids.


They kept the existing cupboard, a great one here with little drawers. And then next to it we’ll put in one of those butler sinks. Good for the kids, because they can rest up hard against it. We’ve also got a hole for the new tap to go in. They have a stone top, the off piece that we’ve measured and cut up. And there’s a panel that goes on the front just before the sink goes in that we’ll stick in. Got the new location for the hot and cold taps and also the washing machine down there. Before, if you remember, they came out of the wall but now we’ve lowered them into the cupboard. So now we can have a nice flick mixer on. And where the existing washing machine taps were then, we’ve removed that out and will have it all nicely tiled with new tiles.

The fridges will be on the other side of the wall. In the video we also show you which tiles they’ve chosen. The one for the floor was quite dark and pretty grippy. And then the wall tiles would go with subway tiles, in half bond, that would be laid out like brick layers.


Butler sinks, farmhouse sinks, they’re all in the rage at the moment. They’re really good because the kids can wash their hands and be really close. The one we’ve got is the Havsen from IKEA. It’s around 400 dollars. Pretty good value. The top end ones are about 800 dollars. But one problem that we’ve found with them is that it has an edge that doesn’t quite fit the top of normal cupboard, as you can see in the video. So it ends up having a part that’s hanging out, and we didn’t want it that way.

So what we’ve had to do is shave the wood off the cupboard, made it super thin so it all fits up against it perfectly. You can see it in the video. The guy that knows how to do all this is Mick from Park Avenue Cabinets. He’s the one that sorted all this out. They’re just in Maddington, so a Perth company. So if you’re in Perth, give him a call, he knows how to do all this and sort it out.

You can see after we put the sink in, it fits perfectly. The panel goes behind, which is very important so you don’t see any gaps. It looks great on both sides. We’ve also installed a little black tap, so it can all go out of the way.

So, if you’re putting one of these IKEA sinks in, get a cabinetmaker to watch this video so he could do the same thing.

Keep watching the video until the end to see the end results. We’ve also done another home renovation in the past. If you need any help with this, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.