1 Way to Know if Your Pressure Limiting Valve Is Good Enough

Does your hot water system have a leaking valve?

You probably have the same problem with what we encountered in this video – a Pressure Limiting Valve that’s not good enough to hold the pressure.

Watch until the end to find out how to deal with this problem.

Do you have Pressure Limiting Valve on your water meter?

If so, is it good enough to hold the pressure?

Why do we ask?

A client’s hot water system had a leaking valve that wouldn’t stop even after she replaced it twice. She had a Pressure Limiting Valve on her water meter, but when we checked the pressure, it was nearly¬†1000 kPa.

Remember, the recommended Australian Standard of water pressure is 500 kPa.

This was during the day when everyone was using the water. When they all stop, the pressure would rise up even greater. This is very dangerous. So we replaced the client’s Pressure Limiting Valve with a new one that can hold greater pressure, over 2000 kPa. We checked the pressure and it’s gone back to normal. All safe now!

How do you know if it’s good enough?

If you have similar Pressure Limiting Valve like the one we show in the video above, make sure you get it checked. Especially if you live up the hills where the pressure is even greater, many of the Pressure Limiting Valves have failed.

You can get a new one from Reece or Bunnings.

It is very important to make sure your water meter has a good Pressure Limiting Valve that can hold great pressure. We have done a special video showing you why it’s not always great to have excess water pressure, including the signs to look out for.

There is also another video about why your hot water system valve leak – sometimes it’s normal, sometimes it needs replacement. If you have a HWS valve that is leaking, make sure you know why. The best part is, you can do all of these yourself. Very quick and easy.

If you need any other help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist.