Puddle Flange Installation: 1 Reason with 2 Case Studies

Are you putting in a new grate in the bathroom or a new toilet?

Make sure you also install a puddle flange underneath it, especially if you have fibre floor or something similar.

In the video below, we explain what it is for and why you need it.

We also have added a new case study on top of the video. Check them out!

Case Study #1 – New Grate

Our customer had a fibre floor in the bathroom, and we were installing the grate. Normally, people would tile up the floor surrounding the drain and put the grate on top. But the problem is, when everything starts to move, water will be able to go down underneath the floor.

Termites love wet wood, so you don’t want this to happen. This is why you need a puddle flange. We will glue it to the floor. It makes sure the water go down straight onto the pipe, not leaking underneath the floor and causing wet wood that attracts the termites.

Case Study #2 – New Toilet

Another customer was renovating his toilet. He switched from tiles to floor boards and got a brand new toilet. We installed a puddle flange underneath the toilet to make sure all the water would drain away properly. Here are some photos of before and after, as well as the puddle flange.

Old toilet on tiled floor

Old toilet on tiled floor

New toilet on floor boards

New toilet on floor boards

Puddle Flange under Toilet

Puddle flange under toilet


Can the puddle flange also be used for a shower drain? Of course it can. In fact, it’s very important that they’re used in a shower waste for the same purpose and reason as above case studies.

Need help?

If you are putting in a new grate or a new toilet, make sure you get the puddle flange installed underneath. You can buy one from Bunnings or Reece.

If you need our help, give us a call.

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