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Would You Like to Install Bidet? Make Sure You Check This Out

Are you thinking of installing a bidet? Check out this video where we installed a new bidet for one of our customers. This video is all about bidets and those douche washers, or butt washers, that you can connect up to your taps and stuff. Now, a lot of times, we get calls saying, “Look,
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Need a Toilet in a Party Bus? Say No More. Check It Out!

Have you ever been in a party bus or even owned one? Sometimes it’s really hard to have a good time on a party bus when you’re busting for the toilet. But not to worry, we’ve put a toilet in one. Watch the video below until the end to see how we did it and
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Limousine Bus and 1 New Toilet. You Need to See This

Have you ever been on a limousine bus before? When is the only time you won’t be thinking about having a good time on the limousine bus? When you’re busting to go to the toilet. The Limo Bus didn’t have a toilet, so Damien (the owner) gave us a call and said, “Hey, can you
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Puddle Flange Installation: 1 Reason with 2 Case Studies

Are you putting in a new grate in the bathroom or a new toilet? Make sure you also install a puddle flange underneath it, especially if you have fibre floor or something similar. In the video below, we explain what it is for and why you need it. We also have added a new case
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How to Know If You Need to Fix Toilet or Replace

Do you need to fix toilet? If it’s an old toilet, sometimes it’s better to replace it with a new one rather than to fix toilet. Watch the video below where we show you the benefits of a new toilet! A client of ours had a 20-year-old toilet that has been doing good but been
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Cute Alert! You Need to See These Mini Toilets Right Now

Have you seen these mini toilets? It will be the cutest mini toilets you’ll ever see. And that’s not all. They have brilliant features with extra benefits! Watch the video below to find out more. We just renovated a bathroom at a school and we want to give you a cute alert. These mini toilets
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How Hard Is It Putting In a Clean Flush Toilet?

Thinking of putting in a new clean flush toilet? And does it seem like a hard job? Sometimes it is difficult and challenging, like the one in this video when we were putting in a new clean flush toilet. Keep watching till the end to see the whole process and the satisfying result! Need a new
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So Your Toilet Stinks? You Need to Know This Now

So your toilet stinks? Even after you have cleaned it? You might have the same problem with the one we encountered here. Our client’s toilet stinks, and they asked us to help them sort this out. Keep watching to know how we dealt with it. Did you know that we have made a special video
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Do You Need a New Toilet? You See What We Did Here

Do you need to put a new toilet in the middle of your bathroom? Do you think it’s not possible because it might not fit? Well, watch this video where we show you how we do exactly that and see the amazing result of the new toilet. Our client has an elderly mother who was
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Unexpected Roots in Drain You Need to Look Out For

Do you have a blocked toilet? Many things that can cause it, including an unexpected roots in drain like in this case. In this video, we’ll show you an amazingly large root that we found inside someone’s toilet pipes. Have you got roots in drain? We were replacing a client’s toilet with a new one as well
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