Caravan/Camper Gas Installation Service

Do you have a caravan or camper trailer but no gas bayonets installed? Would you like to be able to cook or shower with hot water when you are out camping?


We are here to delete some of your pain points when you are camping out in the bush.


We can install gas in your caravan or camperĀ  trailer with quick connections so you can easily cook on your BBQ, or wash your dishes or shower with hot water without any tools. It's very quick and easy installation for you!


How does it work?


Check out some of our case study videos below!

How to Avoid Dangerous Gas on Your Camper

Have you got a camper or caravan that might have dangerous gas issues? In the video below, we’ll show you examples of dangerous gas issues that you should avoid. A Loosely Based On A True Story In the video above, we made a funny little “skit” where a man was calling his friend, but the
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Pioneer Camper Trailer: How to Solve Your Pain Points

Do you own a Pioneer Camper Trailer? And would like some of its pain points solved? Check out this video where we worked on our third Pioneer Camper Trailer. To-Do List It’s a gray Onyx this time with a slightly different kitchen. We’re going to work on mainly the gas quick connect at the back
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Pioneer Onyx: How to Get It Fixed for the Better

Do you have a Pioneer Onyx that has gas issues? We’ve got another Pioneer Onyx Camper that was brought in. It’s got the standard kitchen this time, and it’s had a bit of a problem with the gas. The quick connect was leaking and they couldn’t get the parts anymore, and when they got another
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Pioneer Camper: How to Make the Most of Your Onyx

Do you have a similar Pioneer camper like this one? Pioneer Campers, they’re built in Australia, in Victoria. Now the owner of this Onyx has brought it in to see if we can try and iron out a couple of pain points. Check out the video below to see what we’ve done.   Beautiful Features
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Portable Hot Water System for Your Caravan. You Need to See

Would you like a portable hot water system for your caravan? If you think it’s going to take too long to connect upĀ  a portable hot water system on your caravan, well, think again. In this video, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to do!   How long does it take to
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Retro Flow Meter: You Need to Have for Free Camping

Do you like free camping? If you do, have you heard of the Topargee Flow Meter? Keep watching and we’ll explain what Topargee Flow Meter is and why it’s a must-have. Topargee Flow Meter Let us introduce you to an awesome invention and it’s a must for free camping. It is a flow meter that
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Retro BBQ: Quick and Easy to Connect, Save Time

Are you tired of removing the gas bottles from your caravan to connect up your BBQ? If you had a dedicated gas bayonet for your BBQ, how much time would it save if you anyway? Check out this video where we show you how quick and easy it is to connect BBQ to the caravan!
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Platinum Campers: How to Have Hot Water on Your Camper Trailer

Do you have a soft floor camper like one of these Platinum Campers and would like a hot water system connected to it? Watch how we modified one of these Platinum Campers to have a Joolca hot water system that can be connected under 45 seconds without tools. The Request The owner of this Platinum
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Soft Floor Camper Trailer. Quick and Easy Gas You Need to See

Do you have a soft floor camper trailer that has gas bottle holders? But do you still need to take the gas bottle out and bring it around the soft floor camper trailer to connect it up to your stable BBQ with tools? Well, there is a better way and all you need is a
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Toy Hauler of Your Dream. You Need to See This Now

Do you have toys that you’d like to take camping? Well, then you’ll need a Toy Hauler. But we tell you, when this Toy Hauler arrived at workshop, we wouldn’t want to be camping anywhere near this, because of the gas installation. Why? Watch below to see how we fixed up this amazing Toy Hauler.
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