Caravan/Camper Gas Installation Service

Do you have a caravan or camper trailer but no gas bayonets installed? Would you like to be able to cook or shower with hot water when you are out camping?


We are here to delete some of your pain points when you are camping out in the bush.


We can install gas in your caravan or camperĀ  trailer with quick connections so you can easily cook on your BBQ, or wash your dishes or shower with hot water without any tools. It's very quick and easy installation for you!


How does it work?


Check out some of our case study videos below!

Food Truck Modifications You Need to See

Do you own a food truck? Check out the modifications we did for one of our customers’ food truck. The Issue Marlis has got this food truck pretty new. She’s just obtained a permit for the council and stuff, which has been great. So she’ll be up to Kalamunda Markets and stuff. But unfortunately the
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Jayco Dove Camper: Improvements You Need to See

Do you own a Jayco Dove Camper or something similar? Would you like to do some improvements on your Jayco Dove? Check out this video and see what we did! The Needs We were working on a Jayco Dove, which is like the Swan but slightly smaller. The owner wanted to put a hot water
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Forbes 15+: How to Move The Gas Bottles

Do you have a Forbes 15+? And would you like to move the gas bottles on your Forbes 15? Check out this video where we did just that. The Plan We’ve got a Forbes 15+ and we need to shift the gas bottles outside the actual locker, get them out of the way, and then
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Loadstar Trailer: Check Out The Modifications We Did

Do you own a Loadstar Trailer or something similar? Check out all the modifications we did on this Loadstar trailer. The Loadstar Trailer In this video, we’re going to be working on a custom-built trailer. The owner has brought in. It’s a Loadstar trailer, built in Perth. It’s got off-road suspension on it so it’s
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How to Fix Low Water Pressure: The Grundfos SCALA2 Water Pump

Do you have a low water pressure? If you have a low water pressure, Grundfos SCALA2 Water Pump is a great solution. In the video below, we show you how it works. Meet The Customer & The Product Meet one of our customers, Kevin. He lives on a rural property and has no access to
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How to Have A Vapour Barrier on Your Caravan

Do you need a vapour barrier on your caravan? Or if you don’t know what vapour barrier is, make sure you check whether your caravan or camper trailer needs one. In the video below, you’ll find out more about it. The Caravan In this scenario, we were working on a little retro caravan owned by
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How to Improve Your MDC Robson Camper Trailer

Do you have an MDC Robson? Or any MDC camper, like the Explorer, the Jackson, the Cruiser? We’re sure you’ll agree that the kitchen setups are pretty great. But probably the best one is MDC Robson. The Robson and the Cruiser have the same kitchen, but the Robson has a hot water system in it.
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How to Fabricate a Forbes Flashing

Do you own a Forbes 15+ Caravan? You’ll know that when it rains, water could be dribbling down onto your fridge. In this video, we show you how to fabricate a flashing for this Forbes to reroute the water away from the fridge. If you need any help, give us a call. More Information About
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Camper Trailer Hot Water System Temperature Adjustment

Does your camper trailer hot water system need a temperature adjustment? Do you have a camper trailer with its own hot water system, similar to the MDC Robinson? Now, they’re great, but there’s a couple of pain points, which you’re probably aware of. That is, the water comes out of the camper trailer hot water
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How to Avoid Dangerous Gas on Your Camper

Have you got a camper or caravan that might have dangerous gas issues? In the video below, we’ll show you examples of dangerous gas issues that you should avoid. A Loosely Based On A True Story In the video above, we made a funny little “skit” where a man was calling his friend, but the
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