Caravan/Camper Gas Installation Service

Do you have a caravan or camper trailer but no gas bayonets installed? Would you like to be able to cook or shower with hot water when you are out camping?


We are here to delete some of your pain points when you are camping out in the bush.


We can install gas in your caravan or camperĀ  trailer with quick connections so you can easily cook on your BBQ, or wash your dishes or shower with hot water without any tools. It's very quick and easy installation for you!


How does it work?


Check out some of our case study videos below!

Retreat Caravan Heater Installation

Do you own a Retreat caravan or something similar? And would you like a heater in there? Check out this video where we installed another Truma heater on the Retreat caravan. We are installing our Truma Vario Heat gas room heater in the Retreat Caravan. It’s brand new. It’s the Whitsunday 226R model. We’ve never
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Jayco Heritage Modifications You Need to See

Do you own a Jayco Heritage caravan or something similar? Check out the modifications we did on this Jayco Heritage! We are working on a Jayco Heritage. It’s quite an old van. They’ve just had a GVM upgrade on it. The owner’s taking it up to Port Hedland. He is going to live in it
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How to Get Your Coaster Bus All Up To Code

Do you own an old coaster bus or something similar? Check out the modifications we did on this coaster bus to get it all up to code. We’ve got an old coaster bus that was brought in. You have to be very wary when you buy these things. If it does have gas on it
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Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer – Phil’s Special Modifications

Do you own an Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer? We got another Adventure Kings MT1 Camper Trailer with the three bayonet setup. We call it the Phil’s Special now. G’day Phil, if you’re watching. That was his idea. This Phil setup got a little bit of a twist, where we’ve put a bayonet at a
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How to Have a Heater on Your Crusaders Caravan

Do you have a Crusaders Caravan? In this video, we’re installing a Truma VarioHeat on Crusader caravan, Musketeer Aramis. The Van This Crusaders caravan is a beautiful van with very modern interior. Looks great on the outside with the black checker plate. The only thing we were disappointed with is the vent. It got a
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MT1 Camper Trailer – A Better Setup

Do you have MT1 Camper Trailer? Check out this set up we did on another MT1 Camper Trailer that we think is a better one we’ve done. The Idea We got another MT1 Adventure King camper in. Love working on these things. This one is a customer of mine. His name’s Phil. Now, Phil is
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Truma Gas Heater on Supreme Classic Caravan

Why do we recommend Truma Gas Heater for your caravan? Would you like a heater for your caravan? There’s always going to be a discussion. What’s better? The diesel room heater or a gas room heater? Now, they’ve got their pros and cons for each. But we recommend Truma Gas Heater. In this video, we
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How to Fix Adventure Kings MT1 Water Pipe Issue

Do you own an Adventure King MT1 camper trailer? We got an Adventure Kings MT1 that we’ve been working on here. And it has water pipe issues. Check out our solution to it! So what happens with the Adventure Kings MT1 camper trailer is if you didn’t pull the fridge slide out first and then
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Kings MT1 Improvements You Need to See

Do you have an Adventure Kings MT1? Check out another modifications we did on this Kings MT1. Got another Adventure Kings in today. Just going to sort a couple things out. This guy isn’t sure if he’s going to like this camping mode so much. It’s not a caravan with aircon and a diesel heater
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How to Replace Hot Water System on Winnebago

Today we are going to be working on this Winnebago. It has an old hot water system that needs to be replaced. We’ve ripped out the old hot water system out of the Winnebago. It used to be sitting in this hole here. Here’s the gas side of it. The first thing we got to
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