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How to Save Water and Time with This How Water System Set Up

Do you want to save water with your new hot water system set up? Check out this video to see how much water we saved when we set it up correctly. The Issue This job was a really interesting one. Our customer called up saying that the hot water system wasn’t working all the time
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Need to Fix Hot Water System? Here’s A Better Option

Do you need to fix your hot water system? Sometimes, there are better options and of course we want to let you know. How would you like it if you, say, ordered a new caravan that came with a 50-liter fridge? But then, a week after you picked it up, you realised that there was
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How to Know You Get a Good Deal for Your Plumbing

We’ve all got a mate who loves to tell you what a sweet deal they got. And it usually goes along the long lines of, “Hey, I’ve got a hot water system installed in the weekend, guess how much I paid for it?” And then when you low ball them and say, “I don’t know.
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How to Set Up Your Rinnai Properly at Your Home

Do you own a Rinnai hot water system or would like one? Before you make any decision about your Rinnai, please make sure you plan to set it up correctly. We’ve all heard the saying the customer is always right, but sometimes they are just dead wrong. And in this video, we show you a
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Do You Need to Replace Hot Water System?

Do you need to replace hot water system? Have you got a Bosch 10P or 10H that’s not looking too good, not even working, maybe leaking a little bit? You probably think the best way to get it fixed is to get someone out there and replace hot water system with the exact same thing.
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Number 1 Reason Pipe Sizes Matter. You Need to See

Why do you need to know your pipe sizes before deciding on a hot water system? Have you ever heard a saying ‘you get what you pay for’? Well, this is a classic example of that. In the video below, we’ll show you what happened and explain why it’s so important to know your pipe
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How to Choose a New Hot Water System, the Best for You

Are you thinking of getting a new hot water system for your house? Most of the time when you’re looking for a new hot water system, you go online and type in how many bathrooms you’ve got. If you say two bathrooms, they’re always going to recommend a 20 or a 26 for Rinnai or
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How to Choose Best Plumbing Advice. Pay a Little, Save a Lot

Have you considered which plumbing advice worth taking? It’s easy to ask for and get a plumbing advice for free, but is it worth taking? How do you know? In the video below, we show you an example that would give you a clearer view on it. We have come across people who are obsessed
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How to Get the Best Hot Water on Continuous Flow

Do you want to get the best hot water on your continuous flow hot water system? If you’re in the market to put in a continuous flow hot water system at your existing house, a lot of people would go online and think, “Oh, I have two bathrooms. I might have a lot of water
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How to Make the Most of Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Do you have issues where you can’t wash up and have a shower at the same time? Or do you have a family bathroom and ensuite but still have to stagger your showers? There’s a great option for you. You can set up a larger Continuous Flow Hot Water System. So you can have great
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