Bending Pipe on Water Meter, You See What Happened

Is your water meter near the driveway?

You might want to check it out, in case you have a bending pipe like in this case.

Does your water meter have a bending pipe?

Our client had an excessive water pressure, so we came to install a Pressure Limiting Valve and get the pressure back to normal. But in the process, we found some more issues. Their water meter had a bending pipe because it was near the driveway. And the tap wouldn’t turn off.

This is dangerous. If there is an emergency situation in the house and they need to turn off the water, they wouldn’t be able to do it. So we rang the Water Corporation to come and sort it out for them. At least now the house was protected with the PLV and normal water pressure.

Make sure your water pressure is within the recommended standard of 500 kPa, and that your water meter is in good condition. If not, it would cost you more damage.

If you have other faults, such as:

  • Your meter is leaking
  • You can’t shut off your water
  • The glass on the meter is frosted or difficult to read
  • Obscured and unreadable dial
  • Not registering or turning
  • Noisy meter
  • Meter has been run over
  • Meter has been damaged during other gardening or maintenance work

You can contact Water Corporation to report it and will arrange for a crew member to come to your property to inspect and repair your meter and/or service.

If you need any help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.