MT1 Camper Trailer – A Better Setup

Do you have MT1 Camper Trailer?

Check out this set up we did on another MT1 Camper Trailer that we think is a better one we’ve done.

The Idea

We got another MT1 Adventure King camper in. Love working on these things. This one is a customer of mine. His name’s Phil. Now, Phil is an ideas man. He came and he wanted the Dometic sink cut in with a tap for hot and cold water, a hot plate installed as well, and also a Joolca and a barbecue bayonet. Three bayonets in total and the other work. And he wanted to sort out that water pipe issue that we showed you guys how to do. A lot of you has had a crack. Good on ya.

Phil said to us, “Is it possible to get all the gas bayonets coming out of the gas locker, more or less?” We said, “Sure. There’s no issue why we wouldn’t be able to do that.” And in fact, it saved a lot of time and work, because most people wanted the hot water unit over the other side, and that’s why we have to run underneath over to the other side. But there’s no need for that. We could just do all the work in the one place. It’s all protected and really good. Anyway, we’ll show you how it’s all worked out, and maybe you would like to get this sorted on your camper as well.

Ignition Source Zone Issue

So the Adventure King’s MT1 camper trailer comes with a 9-kilo bottle. They don’t have gas regulators or anything like that. We think the main reason for that is when you have an LPG bottle, there’s a zone there that you’re not allowed to have any ignition sources. So flames, any of that sort of stuff, aircons, all that stuff. There’s very strict rules around that.

The measurement’s about 500 above the bottle, 500 from the center, and then it goes down on an angle from about 1.5. So, it’s a big zone, because LPG can rise and then it sinks. So you’ve got this big exclusion zone where you can’t have any ignition sources. We’re pretty sure if you, say, open the side of this up, and you’ve got your gas cooker here cooking, you can see that it would be in that ignition source zone. So that’s probably why they don’t put the regulator on there.

Phil also put the Joolca hot water system on this side, so it’s closer to the kitchen sink and you’re not running cold water for a little bit sort of thing. But the way it sits here, you wouldn’t be allowed to use it because this hot water unit would be in the ignition source zone. That’s why we had to stick a lid on the gas box.

The Lid Solution

We just made the lid using three-mil checker plate. We painted it with some pinch weld on it. That’s all it is. We also set up some black aluminium that you get from Bunnings around here. And then all you got to do to it is just wedge it in there. Push it in. It locks nicely, and you’ve got one of those toggle latches that locks it out. So, there’s no way the gas can get up. The vents are at the bottom. And so, all this is not in the exclusion zone anymore. So you can use your Joolca hot water system safely without it going in that ignition zone. That’s what we’ve done for that. We got rid of a whole bunch of issues that would’ve been here if you don’t enclose this in.

Three Bayonets & Bottle Holder

Here are the three bayonets all on top of each other, fits really nicely inside the box. We just have to cut the old bottle holder out and then shift the new one, the 4.5, over a little bit so the bulk of the body’s sitting back in there so they won’t get bumped or anything like that. If you do cut them out with the angle grinder, this stuff is super hard to cut and it does give some fumes. So make sure you’re in a very ventilated area and even got a fan blowing, which is even better, just to get it out. And make sure you’ve got your dust mask when you’re cutting that and installing the new 4.5 kg bottle cradle on there. It’ll turn out pretty cool.

The Kitchen

We’re allowed to pull this kitchen sink out without the fridge, because it does have the coil in it. You can see in there that the coil goes all the way back. It’s working sweet.

You can see this is a Dometic sink that we installed. Super tight to get it in here. One thing we did have to do, there’s a bar at the bottom, the step that comes down that, or the leg. You have to cut the center beam out, because it actually hits the plug underneath. That’s one of the things. And then we’ve got the hot and cold coming out the back. Here’s the cold that comes out that’s already connected. That’s the elbow, and that’s screwed there to the back of this. And this is the hot main here. That is connected to the mixer. This is the gas.

Set Up

We’ll show you how easy it is, say, if you wanted to wash some dishes or something. You just grab the hot water unit. There’s the hot water unit.

First you got to do is hook up the hot main. So the hot goes onto the hot under there. And this is just the eight-mil hose that you can get from Bunnings. If you want to know about these fittings, we’ve got another video on that. That just pops in on this. And so now that’s connected to the hot main of the kitchen. We’ll put a couple of these little clips in there. These are just for pop-up, and we thought they could just pop it on like that just to keep it off the ground.

The other stove, the hose can be stored in there, which is a great idea. Pick any bayonet you want, pop the dust cover out, pop it in, and it just clips on. So now you’re connected to the gas again. This one here, you can just chuck in there and hold it up there so it’s like that. When the pump is on, obviously, the Adventure Kings come with one of these fittings, so it goes to the hose.

Hook your cold water on there first, and that will just pop into the little one that’s already installed. And so now you’ve got cold water. So when you turn on the hot tap, it’ll run through and go to the kitchen sink. And then you just got the gas pipe. Again, pick the bayonet that you feel like. Hook it all up. Now you can just light it up and use it that way.

Now if you want to have a shower, it’s very easy. Just unplug the cold so it stops the water flowing through it. Then just unplug your hot main. Then you can plug your shower in and run it over to your shower tent or whatever.

Pack Up

Super easy to pack up, get rid of the hoses and stuff. Same as the bayonets. They can also plug out, unplug really easily. Make sure you put your dust plugs back in. Hot water’s the same. You pack it off. You just got to roll up your hoses.

Great idea, Phil. We think it’s probably the best bayonet set up we’ve ever done. So just make sure if you want to have this bayonet set up or with the regulator, make sure that you seal the top nicely like that. We’ve done one of these before, but the lady lives up in Karratha, so it was all a rush and we didn’t have a chance to paint it or anything. It doesn’t take too long to paint it. About 15-20 minutes. Give it a couple paint. Pinch weld goes on it. It looks pretty sweet.