Gas Situation

Do you have a dangerous gas situation? How do you know?

Sometimes it's a gas leak. The signs and symptoms of that include:

  • A rotten egg like odour
  • A hissing sound coming from around an appliance
  • Dead spiders in meter box
  • Unexplained large gas bill


It can also be the location of your LPG bottles and hot water system. If they are in the wrong spot, it can be dangerous.


But not to worry! We have blog posts that will help you sort this out.


And the good news is, they all come with easy to follow videos! You can do it all yourselves.


Quick and easy. Get on them now.

How to Fit In Gas Hotplates That Won’t Fit

Do you have gas hotplates in mind but they’re not quite the right size? Check out this video to see our solution! The Issue This is an interesting one. One of our customers called us out to change over their hotplates. But the trouble was, she’s bought hotplates that was slightly smaller than the cutout.
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Interlock System: How to Have An Indoor Barbecue Safely

Do you want to put a barbecue in an enclosed or semi-enclosed space? You will need to have an interlock system. Why? There’s strict regulations around that. Basically you can’t do it because you’ll end up getting carbon monoxide poisoning, unless you put an interlock system in. What is it? Check out the video below,
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Water and Sand in Gas Pipe. You Need to See This

What happens if you find water and sand in the gas pipe? We hope this never happens to you. It’s quite rare as we haven’t had found anything like this in the gas pipe for nearly 20 years or so. Check out this video to see what we did to fix it. The Issue There
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Gas Hot Water System Leak Gone Bad. You Need to See This

Do you have a gas hot water system leak issue? We hope it isn’t like this case where the gas hot water system leak gone bad. In the video below, we’ll show you a difficult case of a gas hot water system leak and why plumbers are late sometimes and don’t meet appointments. The Initial
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Masport or Regency Wood Heater Service that You Need to Know

Do you have Masport or Regency wood heater that looks like a log fire, but it actually runs on gas? And it may not be working correctly, or it just keeps going out? There’s a few reasons why your Masport or Regency wood heater is acting up like that, and we’ll tell you about that
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Is Your House Leaking Gas? You Need to Know This

How do you know if your house is free of a gas leak? In this video, we encountered an unexpected gas leak in a client’s house. Make sure your house is not leaking gas without you knowing. When we were replacing a client’s hot water system with a new one, we found out there was a
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Dangerous Gas Situation You Need to Look Out

Is your hot water system located in the right place? Make sure it is. You don’t want to encounter a dangerous gas situation like this. In these videos, we show you how important it is to make sure your hot water system is in a safe location. Find out what’s the right distance to put
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How to Locate Gas Leak with Everyday Items

How do you know if there is a gas leak? Gas leaks in or around your home can be dangerous. An artificial odour has been added to both natural and LPG gas. So you should be able to smell this if there is a gas leak. Did you know that it’s possible (and very EASY!) to
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