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We also share some problems other people encountered so you can learn from them. Some are even emergency situations. Find out how to avoid those tricky situations and save yourself from the troubles and damages it causes.


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You Need This Basin Replacement As a Solution

Do you need a basin replacement? Maybe you think it’s just leaking but we would suggest a basin replacement as a once-off solution for more than just one problem. In the video below, we’ll explain what we meant. We were a house where the client said, “Oh I’ve got this leaky basin. It’s dripping a
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Why You Need to Say Yes to Plumbing Inspection

Why do you need to say yes to a plumbing inspection? One of the things that we offer is a plumbing inspection. And for our members, we offer it for free. Why bother? Watch this video to see what happened, and why it is so important. At one of our customers’ house, we finished fixing
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Close Call to Flexible Hose Burst. You See What Happened

Is it time to replace your flexible hose? In this video, we show you when we had a close call to flexible hose burst in our client’s house. The initial issue was only a leak inside the cupboard. They had a standard mixer. Nothing out of the ordinary. But when we checked inside the cupboard,
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Check Your Flexible Hose. You Need to Know This

Have you checked the condition of your flexible hose lately? We are not tired to remind you to check your flexible hose because it’s dangerous. It can pop anytime without warning and start flooding your bathroom and then your house. It has happened a lot of times. People always ask if it is common, and
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You Need to Know: The NEW Easy-to-turn Garden Dual Tap

Have you seen this new outside dual tap for your garden? Do you only have one tap at the back but you want two? Here is a great solution for you. In this video, we introduce you to the new garden dual tap. A lot of the times, you’ve got a hose tap out the back
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Mixer Taps

Are your mixer taps continually dripping? Is there water leaking in your vanity? Does your bathroom look tired and drab? Is your plastic basin hard to clean and looking dirty? Here is a great option for you: an easy bathroom mini facelift! It will also remove those leaking basin taps all in one go. The bathroom mixer
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